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Embark on a Secure Journey: Airport Security Guard Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship 2023-24

UAE Jobs 2024:Ready to fly into a successful career in one of the world’s most exciting cities? Airport security professionals can find work in Dubai, with its modern skyline and busy airport. Dubai offers visa-sponsored Airport Security Guard positions to motivated people like you in 2023.

Airport Security Guard Jobs in Dubai Job Overview:

Dubai Airport Security Guards protect passengers, staff, and facilities with a variety of duties.

Maintaining one of the world’s busiest airports’ efficient operation requires monitoring surveillance cameras and executing extensive security inspections.

Dubai Airport Security Guard Jobs Key Responsibilities:

Airport Security Guard Jobs Key Responsibilities: in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship 2023-24 are given below


Use cutting-edge surveillance to monitor airports.

To comply with international safety standards, screen passengers and their belongings thoroughly.

Emergency Response:

Coordinate with other security and emergency agencies to respond quickly and effectively to security crises.

To ensure security, collaborate with other security workers, airport authorities, and law enforcement.

Visa Sponsorship

Skilled workers are valued in Dubai. Visa sponsorship is part of the employment package for international candidates to ease the transfer.

You may concentrate on your career without immigration hassles.

What are the requirements for a security guard job in Dubai?

Dubai seeks candidates with great responsibility, adaptability, and communication skills, as well as security experience. Your training will help you satisfy this crucial role’s standards.

Dubai security guards need a high school diploma or equivalent. You also need to be 21 Other requirements may vary by employer, but may include:

  • Communicating well
  • Basic computing knowledge
  • English proficiency and 
  • UAE driving licence

What are the benefits of working as an airport security guard in Dubai?

Airport security guarding in Dubai is a terrific career for many reasons. Here are some benefits:

Dubai security guards earn well. Dubai airport security guards earn AED 6,000 per month. The typical security guard wage in other nations is far lower.

Airport Security Guard Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship 2023

Many Dubai corporations fund security guards’ visas. This means no visa is needed to work in Dubai. The company will handle everything.

In Dubai, income is tax-free. No income tax is due on your compensation.

The Dubai security industry is growing rapidly, offering great career opportunities. There are many advancement prospects for qualified security personnel.

Safe environment: Dubai is very safe. Wonderful place to live and work.

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Airport Security Guard Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship 2023

Urgent Airport Security Guard Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship 2023 Apply Now

Get a job as an Airport Security Guard at Emirates Group in Dubai in 2023 Company:

Company Name: Emirates Group

Salary: 3000 AED to 8000 AED per month.

Official Website: CLICK HERE

How much do security guards make in Dubai airport?

Security guards at Dubai Airport earn AED 2,000–3,000 per month. This is $545–$815 USD. Salaries vary by experience, credentials, and employer.

security guards Salaries

Emirates Airport security guards may make more than AED 3,000 per month or less than AED 2,000.

  • Dubai Airport security guard salaries depend on these factors:
  • Security guards with more experience earn more.
  • Certifications and training can boost security guard wages.
  • Fluent Arabic and English security guards may be in demand and earn more.

A security guard’s income can vary depending on their employer. More well-known corporations may pay more for security personnel.

How to Apply for Airport Security Guard Jobs in Dubai?

Simply applying starts this wonderful career journey.

Find current aviation security job openings on official job portals or recruitment firms.

Show your talents and desire for a rewarding career.

How can I find an airport security guard job in Dubai?

Dubai has several airport security guard career options. Some hints:

Many job websites list Dubai employment. Search these sites for airport security guard employment.

Security guard recruitment agencies abound in Dubai. You can ask these agencies for jobs.

How long does it take to get a security guard license in Dubai?

Pass the SIRA, DPS, or PSBD exam to become a Dubai security guard. Government exams and programmes train future security professionals.

  • The law requires security personnel to complete 48 hours of training in their initial days.
  • Security guard training covers crowd control, CPR, use of force, workplace hostility, theft prevention, note-taking, and guard duty.
  • A weeklong, 36-hour training programme is needed for all new security guards.
  • Training is 60% theoretical and 40% practical. SIRA certifies professional security guards after training.

Note that employer-specific training durations vary. Consult the employer for details.

Network with industry professionals: 

Ask a Dubai airport security guard for their employer.

As a difficult and lucrative career, airport security guarding in Dubai is ideal. Airport security guard positions in Dubai are popular because of their high salary, visa sponsorships, tax-free income, and career potential. The Dubai International Airport website has information on airport security guard positions.

Airport Security Guard Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship 2023 FAQ

Embark on a Secure Journey: Airport Security Guard Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship 2023 FAQ are given below

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