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Latest Automation Testing Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25 Apply Now 🇺🇸

Are you detail-oriented, problem-solving-oriented, and tech-forward? If so, a US automation testing professional may be right for you. In 2024, skilled automation testers can find great jobs with good incomes, generous benefits, and a vibrant work environment. (Don’t forget to Join our Telegram Channel to stay connected with us. CLICK HERE)

  • Visa sponsorship programmes from top US firms distinguish this path.
  • This lets talented people from around the world achieve their goals.
  • Imagine working with top tech talent, contributing to cutting-edge initiatives, and impacting the future of technology while developing a fulfilling career in the country of opportunity.
  • If you want to reach your full potential and have a meaningful career, apply for US automation testing jobs with visa sponsorship.

This complete guide will help you succeed in this fascinating career and achieve your goals.

Automation Testing Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship 2024

The quality and usefulness of apps are crucial in today’s software-driven environment.

  • This aim depends on automation testing, which uses tools and scripts to automate repetitive testing processes.
  • This method saves time, improves accuracy, and increases test coverage, drastically improving the software development life cycle.
  • The US needs more competent automation testers as software complexity and demand expand across sectors.

Automation Testing Job Growth

Automation tester jobs are rising in the US. Companies like Google and Microsoft, financial institutions like JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America, healthcare providers like Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer, and e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay seek automation testers to ensure product quality and functionality. Numerous factors cause demand:

Latest Automation Testing Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25
Latest Automation Testing Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25

The growing requirement for efficient and dependable software development:

  1. Manual testing is time-consuming and error-prone for complicated applications.
  2. Automation testing accelerates release cycles and improves software quality.
  3. DevOps and Agile adoption rising: Continuous integration and delivery, automation, and collaboration are essential to modern development.
  4. Automation testing complements these ideas, providing faster feedback loops and continual development improvement.
  5. The growing relevance of UX: In today’s competitive market, software success requires excellent user experience.

Automation testing ensures a consistent user experience across platforms and devices.

Visa sponsorship opens doors for international talent.

For overseas candidates seeking US employment, visa sponsorship by firms is vital.

  • Employers can sponsor foreign professionals for H1B visas, which allow skilled workers to work lawfully in the nation.
  • Visa-sponsored automation testing jobs attract brilliant people worldwide, creating a varied and capable workforce.
  • This expands the company’s talent pool and fosters innovation and creativity by diversifying viewpoints and experiences.

Automation Testing Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25: Golden Opportunity

Sponsorship Automation Testing Career for Foreigners in the USA 2024-25

Get an Automation Testing Job at Cognizant in the USA in 2024

Automation Testing Job Overview 2024:

The Cognizant Other Jobs are given below

  • Manager, Central Testing Manager
  • VP, Global Head of Statistics
  • Junior Data Manager – Undergraduate
  • Manager, Senior Central Testing Analyst
  • Senior Manager, Central Monitor Lead, Risk-Based Monitoring
  • Senior Associate, Central Testing Analyst

Employment Status: Full-Time / Part Time

The Cognizant Automation Testing Jobs in the USA Salary:

US automation testers earn an average of $74,052, ranging from $68,925 to $78,876.$46.34/h.

Automation Testing Jobs in the USA Salary
  • Company Name: Cognizant
  • Place: New York, USA

Key Skills and Qualifications: Standing Out

An automated testing job in the US requires the right qualifications and abilities, especially with visa sponsorship. Summary of essential topics to focus on:

  • Knowledge of industry-standard testing technologies such as Selenium, Appium, LoadRunner, and API testing tools is essential.
  • Programming languages: Test cases and application interaction need Java, Python, or C# knowledge.
  • Development methodologies: SDLC, Agile, and DevOps knowledge are valued.

The Soft Skills:

  1. Communication: Technical and non-technical audiences must understand test strategies, findings, and suggestions.
  2. Collaboration: Developers, QA teams, and other stakeholders must collaborate to execute tests and solve problems.
  3. Analytical thinking: Automation testers must solve technological problems, identify trends, and analyze test findings.

Employers value innovative problem-solving skills.

An industry-recognized certification like ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) or tool-based certifications like Selenium WebDriver can boost candidates’ profiles and show their dedication to professional development.

Automation Testing Duty: A Day in the Life

Automation testers work collaboratively with developers and QA teams across the SDLC. Their main duties:

  • Understand requirements, identify essential functions, and design extensive test strategies with stakeholders.
  • Develop automated test scripts utilizing programming languages and testing frameworks to automate test execution.
  • Executing automated test scripts on several platforms and devices and checking for faults.
  • Reporting and monitoring defects: Bug detection, documentation, and developer resolution.
  • Test results analysis: Identifying trends and offering insights to enhance software quality and test coverage.

Keep up with industry trends: Learning about new tools, technologies, and methods to stay relevant in the ever-changing testing world.

Latest Automation Testing Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25
Latest Automation Testing Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25

Companies Offering Visa-Sponsored Automation Testing

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook, as well as established players in healthcare (Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer), finance (JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America), and e-commerce (Amazon, eBay), frequently recruit and sponsor automation testers.

USA Visa-Sponsored Automation Testing Company

Along with numerous promising startups, these firms are noted for their diversity and inclusiveness, highlighting the various prospects for foreign talent.

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Automation Testing Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25

US Job-Seeker Tips

  1. International candidates seeking US automation testing positions must network. Meet industry leaders on LinkedIn and attend events to boost your visibility.
  2. Use Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor to discover “automation testing jobs with visa sponsorship” listings.
  3. Tailor your CV and cover letter to the role and organization to showcase relevant skills and expertise.
  4. Show your enthusiasm for testing and understanding current tools and methods.

Automation Testing Interview Questions 2024-25

Automation testing interviews involve technical understanding, practical abilities, and good communication. Here are some preparation steps:

Learn the basics of software testing, including test types (functional, regression, etc.) and life cycles.

Test design methods like boundary value analysis and equivalence partitioning should be reviewed.

Master automation frameworks and tools:

  • Learning Selenium, Appium, and Cypress automation testing technologies.
  • Learn the foundations of test automation scripting languages like Java, Python, and JavaScript.
  • Try TestNG, JUnit, or Pytest.

Practical Experience:

  1. Create and run example web application automation test scripts. Try form filling, login/logout, and data checking.
  2. Learn to interact with web items using IDs, XPaths, and CSS selectors.
  3. Try writing assertions to confirm expectations.
  4. Discover the Page Object Model (POM) design pattern, which organises test code by isolating page elements from logic.
  5. Create web page objects for reuse.
  6. Consider using reporting tools such as Extent Reports, Allure, or built-in capabilities of testing frameworks.
  7. Create extensive test reports for visibility.
  8. Explore Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) frameworks like Cucumber or SpecFlow.
  9. Experience writing feature files, scenarios, and step definitions.
  10. Database Testing: Examine SQL foundations and learn database testing techniques.
  11. Write SQL queries to test data integrity.
  12. Learn about mocking and stubbing with tools like Mockito or PowerMock.
  13. Practice making test mocks.

How to prepare for an interview

  • Find frequent automation testing interview questions.
  • Share your projects, experience, and problem-solving talents.
  • Prepare examples of difficult situations and how you solved them.

Behaviour Questions:

  • Expect behavioural questions about teamwork, communication, and adaptability.
  • Promote your team work with developers and others.
  • Do coding exercises, fake interviews, and follow industry trends. Good luck with interview prep! 

Automation Testing Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship: Career Expert Advice

Automation testing is essential to US software development quality and success.

For qualified automation testers, both local and foreign, the industry offers a viable career path with expanding demand, numerous chances, and visa sponsorship.

Follow industry trends, improve your abilities, and network to find intriguing automation testing jobs in the US’s bustling tech scene. 

Automation Testing Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship FAQs 2024-25

In 2024, US Automation Testing Jobs for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship FAQs are given below

1. Are automated testers needed in the US?

US firms need competent automation testers to expand numbers.

2. What are the benefits of visa-sponsored US automation testing jobs?

  • Visa sponsorship provides access to attractive US job prospects.
  • Automation testers in the US get a good salary and full benefits.
  • Professional growth: The US is a technical hub with the opportunity to learn from the finest and enhance your profession.

3. What visa options exist for foreigners seeking US automation testing jobs?

  • Automation testing specialists often use the H-1B visa.
  • Consult an immigration attorney to understand visa requirements and eligibility.

4. What skills do organizations want in automation testers?

  • Employers want technical and soft skills.
  • Testing tools, programming languages, and SDLC techniques are technical skills.
  • Soothing abilities like communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and analysis are crucial.

5. How can overseas candidates locate US automation testing jobs?

  • Online employment boards: Use IT and IT job boards.
  • Company websites: Visit automation tester hiring and visa sponsorship firms’ career pages.
  • Professional networking: Attend industry events and use LinkedIn.

6. Do you have any suggestions for foreigners interested in automated testing in the US?

  • Build skills and credentials: Develop proficiency in appropriate tools, languages, and methods.
  • Strengthen your internet presence: Create a professional web profile highlighting your abilities and experience.
  • Develop relationships with experts: Talk to automation testers and recruiters for advice.
  • Consult an immigration attorney: Know visa application criteria.

7. What certifications can assist foreign candidates to stand out?

ISTQB and Selenium WebDriver certifications show your dedication to professional development and boost your profile.

8. What should US automation testers earn?

  • Automation tester salaries in the US vary by experience, region, and other factors.
  • A competitive wage with room for advancement as you gain experience and skill is expected.

This FAQ does not replace legal advice. Please consult an immigration attorney for visa requirements and processes. 

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