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Latest Cleaning Jobs in USA for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024 -25 Apply Now 🇺🇸

Unlock Your Potential: 2024 Visa-Sponsored US Cleaning Jobs! Is the American Dream calling you? Want America’s excitement, opportunity, and culture? Need help finding a foreigner-friendly job? Hold on! (Don’t forget to Join our Telegram Channel to stay connected with us. CLICK HERE)

  • The US cleaning sector is constantly changing, yet ambitious people like you can discover visa-sponsored cleaning jobs in 2024!
  • This guide unlocks a rewarding career. We’ll examine the several cleaning industries with great potential, from pristine homes to bustling businesses.
  • Discover how competitive earnings and flexible scheduling might help you live a meaningful life in the US. 
  • Most significantly, we’ll reveal visa sponsorship secrets.
  • Discover which visas allow cleaning work and how to find organisations looking for qualified people like you.

So ditch the constraints and prepare for a thrilling adventure! Let’s realise your American Dream together. 

Cleaning Jobs in USA for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024 -25

The US cleaning industry is vast and growing.

  • Professional cleaning is always in demand, from gleaming homes to pristine offices.
  • Cleaning companies’ visa sponsorship might help foreign workers find work.
  • It allows legal US labour and a fulfilling job. 

USA Cleaning Job Landscape 2024

Cleaning services are needed in many sectors: 

  • Residential: Clean and maintain homes, apartments, and condos. 
  • Commercial: Offices, retail businesses, and restaurants use professional cleaners. 
  • Hotel, resort, and vacation rental cleanliness are crucial for guests’ pleasure. 
  • Industrial: Warehouses and factories need specialised cleaning. 
  • Immigration is vital to filling these posts—the cleaning sector benefits from their dedication, work ethic, and different skills.

Cleaning jobs offer flexibility and competitive hourly wages, making them appealing to many. 

Cleaning Jobs in USA for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024 -25
Cleaning Jobs in USA for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024 -25

2024-25 USA cleaning Jobs for foreigners Jobs Details

This list of 2024 US cleaning jobs for foreigners includes visa sponsorship and salary information: 

1. Part-time housekeeper at S&M Commercial Cleaning LLC. 

  • Not far from the US. 
  • Visa sponsorship: Unspecified, but excellent for international labour.
  • Salary: Depends on location and company policies. 

2. Hotel Cleaning Staff:

  • Cleans guest rooms, common areas, and facilities. 
  • Hotel visa sponsorship: Ask each hotel. 
  • Standard pay is $10.10–$22.18 per hour.

3. Custodian:

  • Ensures cleanliness and hygiene in schools, offices, and public institutions. 
  • Explore visa-sponsored custodial opportunities. 
  • Salaries vary by area and employer, similar to hotel cleaning workers. 

4. Hospital Cleaning Staff:

  • Ensures sterility in healthcare facilities. 
  • Hospital visa sponsorship: Ask about it. 
  • Pay: Competitive hourly rates with perks. 

5. Industrial Cleaners:

  • Conduct cleaning chores in factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants. 
  • Skilled industrial cleaners may receive visa sponsorship from some companies. 
  • Industry and geography determine salary. 

Visa Sponsorship and Pay Overview 

Visa types: J-1, H-2B, and B-1 visas are job options. 

Pay Range: 

  • Hourly: $11.45–$35.50 
  • Daily: $213–$320 
  • Weekly: $1,800–$2,600 
  • Monthly: $7,000–$12,000. 
  • To $120,0003 per year. 

Search job ads, study companies, and apply for employment that matches your skills and interests.

USA Cleaning Jobs Benefits 

Cleaning careers have many benefits: 

  1. Hourly Salary: The average US cleaner earns $35 per hour, depending on region, experience, and service type. 
  2. Flexible scheduling: Many cleaning professionals let workers set their hours. This is helpful for work-life balance and other commitments. 
  3. Tips and Leads: Satisfied customers may tip cleaners, increasing their profits. Clients may also refer to fresh cleaning possibilities. 

USA Cleaning Jobs Duty and Responsibilities 

Cleaning duties in the US often include: 

  1. Keeping designated areas clean (dusting, vacuuming, mopping, wiping) 
  2. Adding cleaning supplies and equipment (if needed) 
  3. Recycling and waste disposal 
  4. Report broken equipment to management.

USA Cleaning Jobs Visa Sponsorship Options 

US cleaning jobs are available to foreign workers with several visas. Here are three main types: 

  1. J-1 Visa: Cultural exchange participants may receive industry-specific cleaning training with this visa. 
  2. The H-2B visa is for temporary non-agricultural workers. This category includes cleaning jobs where the company sponsors the visa. 
  3. B-1 Visa: This business visa permits limited cleaning work. It may be relevant for short-term cleaning contracts or training. 
Cleaning Jobs in USA for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024 -25
Cleaning Jobs in USA for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024 -25

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Cleaning Jobs in USA for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024 -25

USA Visa-sponsored Cleaning Companies 2024

Researching visa-sponsored cleaning firms is vital. A complete list is beyond the scope of this page; however, some websites can help. Some tips: 

  • Find janitorial or commercial cleaning firms. 
  • Visit visa sponsorship and job boards. 
  • Contact cleaning specialists who may know about sponsorship opportunities. 

Top States for High-Paying Cleaning Jobs

Top States for High-Paying Cleaning Jobs and Visa Support: 

  1. California 
  2. New York 
  3. Illinois 
  4. Washington 
  5. Massachusetts 

High demand for cleaning services in these states sometimes leads to competitive wages. Explore visa sponsorship options with cleaning companies in these areas. 

Visa Sponsorship Cleaning Jobs in USA 2024: Career Expert Point Of View

  • Visa sponsorship from US cleaning companies can help foreign workers find steady and gratifying work.
  • Investigate firms, look for jobs in high-paying states, and apply if you’re interested in this sector.

Remember, your dedication and hard work are valuable in the developing cleaning sector. 

Cleaning Jobs in USA for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship FAQs 2024 -25

General FAQs on Cleaning Jobs in the US for Foreigners in 2024-25 are given below

What cleaning jobs are available in the USA? 

Cleaning jobs include domestic (homes and flats), commercial (offices, businesses), hospitality (hotels, resorts), and industrial (factories, warehouses). 

Do cleaning jobs benefit foreigners? 

Cleaning jobs might be great for foreigners seeking US work. They provide flexible work, reasonable pay, and visa sponsorship for some employment. 

What visas are needed to clean in the USA? 

There are several visa options: 

  • J-1 Visa: Cultural exchange with cleaning training (restrictions apply). 
  • Temporary non-agricultural workers need employer sponsorship for H-2B visas. 
  • B-1 Visa: Short-term cleaning and training contracts are limited. 

Can I find a cleaning firm that sponsors visas? 

Search industry association websites (ISSA, ACI), job boards with sponsorship filters (Indeed, Glassdoor, USAJOBS, CareerBuilder), or network with cleaning experts. 

What are joint USA cleaner duties? 

Cleaning staff dust, mop, hoover, replace supplies, dispose of waste and report equipment concerns. Duties vary by job. 

Are you cleaning wages in the USA? 

Cleaners earn roughly $35 per hour, depending on location, expertise, and cleaning type (industrial cleaning pays more than residential). 

Are working hours flexible? 

Cleaning jobs often allow you to select your hours. 

Can I make additional money cleaning? 

Yes, delighted customers may advise, and referrals may help you grow. 

Where can I learn more? 

Find companies that sponsor visas and clean jobs. Government and industry association websites can be helpful. 

Wish You the Best Of Luck With Your Cleaning Jobs in the USA in 2024.

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