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Latest Data Entry jobs in Dubai Apply Online 2024-25 🇦🇪

UAE JOBS 2024: Are you seeking Data Entry jobs in Dubai in 2024? Data entry jobs in Dubai are interesting for clerical and administrative newcomers. Due to the city’s business boom and digital change, these positions are popular.

This overview discusses the advantages of a data entry career in dynamic Dubai. (Don’t forget to Join our Telegram Channel to stay connected with us. CLICK HERE)

Companies of all sizes need data to operate; therefore, data entry positions are in demand in Dubai. Data entry operators insert customer, financial, and product data into computer systems. Businesses utilise this data to plan marketing campaigns and operations.

Dubai has several data entry jobs, from entry-level to specialised. Some frequent data input jobs:

  • Data input clerk
  • The data entry operator
  • Specialist in data entry
  • A medical data entry clerk
  • Legal data entry clerk
  • E-commerce data entry clerk
  • Financial data entry clerk
  • Customer service data input clerk

Dubai data entry jobs usually demand a high school certificate or equivalent, and some businesses prefer candidates with administrative or data entry expertise. Most data entry jobs are full-time, while some are part-time and remote.

Data Entry Jobs in Dubai Eligibility 2024

Dubai offers several data entry jobs with different incomes and criteria. Some examples:

Most data entry jobs demand only a high school diploma or equivalent.

Work may involve entering data into spreadsheets, databases, or other computerised systems. Monthly salaries average AED 3,000–5,000.

Data Entry Clerk: 

Like a Data Entry Operator, this profession may involve proofreading and formatting data. Monthly salaries average AED 4,000–7,000.

Data Entry Specialist: 

This job demands additional experience and understanding of specific applications or industries. Work may include creating data input procedures, training new hires, and fixing errors. Monthly salaries are usually AED 6,000–AED 10,000.

Here are some Dubai Data Entry Job Postings:

  • Data Entry Operator-Data Services (AED 3,500–4,500/month)
  • Data Entry Clerk—Mind Tree Proprietor (AED 4,000–5,000/month)
  • Data Entry Specialist-International Payroll Officer (AED 6,000–7,000/month)

Dubai data entry jobs are available on,, and Data entry staffing agencies are another option.

Applying for Dubai data entry jobs requires a solid résumé and cover letter. Emphasise your data entry experience and appropriate training or certifications. You should also expect a typing or data entry test.

Job Specifics

Title: Dubai Data Entry Clerk Jobs

Place: Dubai, UAE

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Latest Data Entry jobs in Dubai Apply Online 2024

Data Entry jobs Education Requirement :

Secondary/Diploma/Bachelor Degree

Latest Dubai Jobs Overview 2024

The Latest Data Entry jobs in Dubai Apply Online 2024-25 with Visa Sponsorship are given below

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Latest Data Entry jobs in Dubai Apply Online 2023

Data Entry Jobs Duties

Let’s get down to work. You would do essential activities as a data entry clerk.

  • You will update and correct databases like a chess player watching every move.
  • Your day will be spent entering fresh data, like feeding a hungry beast that craves numbers and facts.
  • Since nobody wants outdated, useless data clogging the system, outmoded data will be deleted.

Finding discrepancies or playing detective with data will also be part of your job.

Data Entry jobs in Dubai Benefits

Why join Dubai’s data entry clerk community?

  • Dubai-only international work exposure. Not simply the Burj and Palm. A global business interaction is involved.
  • As skyscrapers do in the metropolis, your career graph will soar.
  • Cross-cultural contacts broaden your perspective, making you a better person, like a Pearl Diver doing a perfect dive.

Data Entry jobs Salary:

Dubai data entry clerks earn AED 2500.00 to AED 7500.00 per month.

Dubai Data entry jobs Salary

Urgent Data Entry Operator Jobs: DATA ENTRY CUM OFFICE ASSISTANT

Get a job as a Data Entry Operator at Apparelglobal in Dubai in 2023

Job Details
Data Entry Operator, Data Entry Clerk, DATA ENTRY CUM OFFICE ASSISTANT

Dubai, UAE

Salary: AED 4,000–7,000.

Company Name: Apparel Group

Visit Official Website:

Data Entry jobs in Dubai Expert Advice

Data entry clerk jobs in Dubai are like invitations to a world where data meets Middle Eastern beauty. For data-savvy people who want to work in a multicultural atmosphere, this is your chance.

Opportunity is like sunrises. If you delay, you lose them.” Avoid missing this dawn. Get in; data awaits!

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