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Urgent Driver Jobs in Singapore for Foreigners 2024

Driver Jobs in Singapore for Foreigners: Hello, aspiring drivers! If you’re looking for a job as a driver, Singapore could be the perfect place for you. With its vibrant and bustling streets, the Lion City offers plenty of opportunities for foreigners to work as drivers in 2024.

Singapore is known for its unique blend of heritage and modernity, making it an exciting place to travel. This discussion will explore how international talent like you can find a rewarding driver job in Singapore. We’ll discuss the essential work pass requirements and navigate the busy job market together, where every step can lead to a new possibility. Start your Singapore adventure from behind the wheel!

Driver Jobs in Singapore for Foreigners 2024

Singapore’s busy streets need a driver! High demand for drivers across industries gives foreigners an exciting chance to establish their place on the road and in this bustling city-state.

In 2024, Singapore will continue to need drivers, making it a good time for foreigners to work there.

The following Singapore driver positions are open to foreigners:

1. Delivery Driver:

Deliver meals, gifts, and commodities to consumers.

Required: Singapore driver’s licence and clean record.

Competitive pay, flexible hours, and city exploration.

2. Private Drivers:

Get families, CEOs, and others there.

Requirements: Singapore driving licence, clean driving record, and professional demeanour.

The job offers competitive pay, pleasant working circumstances, and client connections.

3. Bus Drivers:

School or public bus drivers.

Minimum requirements: Bus driver’s licence, clean driving record, and physical and medical test.

Perks: Good employment, helping people, and feeling good about supporting.

Urgent Driver Jobs in Singapore for Foreigners 2024
Urgent Driver Jobs in Singapore for Foreigners 2024

4. Truck Drivers:

Transport commodities via driving trucks.

Driving privately and professionally:

5. Family Driver:

Become a valued family member who provides safe and reliable transportation.

6. Corporate Driver:

Drive executives and VIPs on crowded streets punctually and professionally.

7. Shared transportation:

Bus driver: Help passengers get about the city safely and efficiently.

School bus drivers provide children with safe and comfortable transportation to and from school.

Urgent Driving Jobs in Singapore for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024: Apply Now

Immediate Vacancy for Delivery Driver at Trustlink in Singapore in 2023-24.

Driving Jobs Overview:

  • Local Courier Services
  • Cold Chain Logistics
  • Driving and maintenance of manual vehicle
  • Loading and unloading of products

Company Name: Trustlink

Salary: The average monthly salary for a delivery driver at Trust-Link Logistics Pte Ltd in Singapore is around $2,490.

Official Website: CLICK HERE

Working with Requirements:

The correct documents are needed to drive in Singapore. A work visa and Singaporean driver’s licence are essential. Fear not—the procedure is simple, and help is available.

Urgent Driver Jobs in Singapore for Foreigners 2024
Urgent Driver Jobs in Singapore for Foreigners 2024

Effective communication with passengers and coworkers requires language abilities, especially English.

A competitive pay, pleasant working conditions, and the chance to travel the nation.

Additional Requirements:

Singapore drivers jobs for Foreigners 2024 Additional Requirements are given below

Visa and Work Permit:

All foreign workers in Singapore, including drivers, need a visa and work authorization.

The visa and work permit you need depends on your nationality and employment.

Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website has visa and work permit requirements.

Driver’s License:

Foreign drivers in Singapore need a licence.

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Urgent Driver Jobs in Singapore for Foreigners 2024

Finding Driver Jobs in Singapore:

Find out how to get a Singapore driver’s licence on the LTA’s website.

Driving Jobs in Singapore:

Job Boards:

Singapore driver jobs are listed on several internet job platforms.

Job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, and MyCareersFuture are popular.

Staffing firms:

Driver jobs in Singapore are available through recruitment firms.

They may provide suggestions and assistance during your job hunt.


Find driver opportunities in Singapore by networking with industry professionals.

Network on LinkedIn, attend industry events and join forums.

Challenges for Foreign Drivers in Singapore:

2024 Singapore Foreign Drivers Challenges are given below


Singapore driver jobs are competitive.

Prepare for interviews and have a good résumé and cover letter.

Cultural differences:

You may need to adjust to cultural variations when working in Singapore.

Respecting and adapting to local culture is crucial.


English is Singapore’s official language.

You don’t need to speak English fluently to drive, although it helps.

Tips for Applying for Driver Jobs in Singapore:

Discover Singapore’s driver job kinds.

1. Check the job requirements before applying.

2. Showcase your abilities and expertise with a good CV and cover letter.

3. Prepare to discuss your driving experience and Singapore expertise.

4. Contact employers after applying.

5. Professional Driver Benefits in Singapore:

5. Drivers in Singapore get competitive wages.

6. Health insurance and paid time off are common in Singapore driver positions.

Driver Jobs in Singapore Tips

Explore Singapore: Driving in Singapore lets you see everything it offers.

Job stability: Singaporean driver positions are steady.

Road rewards: 

Singapore drivers have many benefits:

  • Receive a competitive wage with overtime and extras.
  • High demand for drivers offers job stability and long-term career potential.

Work-life balance: Flexible timings let you explore Singapore’s attractions.

Ready to steer?

Singapore embraces drivers with its lively culture, gorgeous environment, and numerous options.

Research, investigate alternatives, and prepare for an exciting trip in this bustling city.

Important Link

1 . Website of MOM:

2. Website of LTA:

3. Other websites like LinkedIn,, MyCareersFuture

Adecco, Randstad, Robert Walters Recruitment


  1. Culture may need some adjustment, but there’s lots of support.
  2. Your CV and cover letter should highlight your talents and expertise.
  3. Keep current with driving industry developments.

Grab this chance to join Singapore’s bustling workforce!

How much do foreign workers earn in Singapore?

Foreign workers in Singapore earn a median monthly income of S$2,500 for semi-skilled and S$5,000 for skilled professionals.

Financial services, construction, and manufacturing pay foreign workers well. Skilled and qualified workers earn more. Salary varies by job and sector.

is it easy for a foreigner to get a job in Singapore?

Foreigners in Singapore struggle to obtain jobs due to qualifications, industry demand, income expectations, work visa restrictions, eligibility standards, and competitiveness. The country is competitive due to local hiring and market saturation. 

The key to success is networking, targeting specific industries, tailoring resumes and cover letters, understanding compensation expectations, practising interview skills, and being patient. Indeed, Kickresume and InterNations can help. In a competitive employment market, preparation and proactivity can help.

FAQ: 2024 Singapore Driver Jobs for Foreigners

Singapore Driver Jobs for Foreigners 2024 FAQs are given below

Q: What driving employment is available for foreigners in Singapore?

Customers get meals, gifts, and other things from delivery drivers. Photo of Singapore delivery driver

Private drivers take families, executives, and others to their destinations. Photo of Singapore private driver

Bus drivers work for transit agencies or schools. Singapore bus driver Photo

Truckers: Move commodities by driving trucks. Singapore trucker image

Q: What are Singapore’s driver requirements for foreigners?

All foreign workers in Singapore, including drivers, must have a valid visa and work authorization.

Foreign drivers need a Singapore driver’s licence to drive.

You should have no serious traffic offences on your driving record.

Singapore’s official language is English. Drivers should have basic English abilities, but fluency is optional.

Some occupations demand experience driving particular cars or a physical test.

Q: How can I discover Singapore driver jobs?

Driver jobs are listed on several online job platforms in Singapore. Indeed, LinkedIn and MyCareersFuture are prominent employment boards.

1. Recruitment agencies:

They can assist you in discovering Singapore driver employment. They may offer additional job search help and information.

2. Networking:

Industry networking might help you locate Singapore driver employment. Join forums, attend industry events, and network on LinkedIn.

Q: What are the perks of driving in Singapore?

Singapore drivers can earn competitive wages.

Very Good working conditions:

Many Singapore driver jobs include health insurance and paid time off.

Drivers in Singapore may tour the city and its attractions.

Driver positions in Singapore are steady, making them suitable for long-term work.

Foreign drivers can get visa sponsorship from several Singapore driving jobs.

Driver Jobs in Singapore for Foreigners 2024: Career Coach Advice

In conclusion, foreigners seeking driver jobs in Singapore in 2024 must prepare, research, and persevere. Foreigners can use online employment platforms, networking events, recruiting firms with a work pass, driving licence, and proactive job search. 

Keeping up with regulations and improving your abilities will help you find a job. Every journey begins with a single step, and with determination, you may traverse the Singapore driver job market to discover a meaningful career. Good luck in your career search!

I wish you the best of luck with your Singapore Driver Jobs.

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