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Latest Factory Jobs in Luxembourg for Foreigners 2024-25 🇱🇺

Europe Jobs 2024: Foreigners may have trouble finding factory jobs in Luxembourg due to its diverse economy, which includes finance, technology, and logistics. It would help if you had a Luxembourg employer’s job offer to get a work visa and permit for factory jobs. (Don’t forget to Join our Telegram Channel to stay connected with us.)

Fluency in Luxembourgish, French, and German is useful in factories where daily communication is in these languages.

  • Search for factory jobs on LinkedIn and Monster. Lu, and EURES. Consult industrial and manufacturing recruitment agencies to match your skills with job openings.
  • Attend industry events, job fairs, and local meetups to network professionally. Customize your CV/resume for the factory job you want and prepare for interviews, which may include technical or language tests. Seasonal factory jobs are easier to find.
  • EU and non-EU citizens need work permits. Learn local labour laws, including wages, working conditions, and rights. Be patient and persistent in your job search because markets change.

How much do factory jobs pay in Luxembourg?

Industry and manufacturing workers in Luxembourg earn €3,360 per month, ranging from €1,240 to €8,410, including accommodation, transport, and benefits.

How many hours do factory workers work in Luxembourg?

Factory workers in Luxembourg can work 10 hours per day and 48 hours per week, according to Just Arrived Luxembourg.

Employees are entitled to 11-hour, 24-hour, and 44-hour weekly rest periods. Fixed hours must be specified in the job contract or corporate policies.

How many days off do factory workers get in Luxembourg?

Each Just Arrived Luxembourg employee is entitled to 26 paid yearly leave days.

Latest Factory jobs in Luxembourg for foreigners 2023
Latest Factory jobs in Luxembourg for foreigners 2023

The 11 legal holidays supplement these days off. 

What is the minimum wage in Luxembourg?

Country Economy reports that Luxembourg’s minimum wage is €2,508. Per month as of June 2024. This is €15.63/hour.

minimum wage in Luxembourg

As of 2023, Luxembourg’s minimum pay for unskilled workers is €2,071, according to Expatica. Skilled workers get a higher minimum salary. A skilled  employee must have one of the following qualifications or experience:

  • A vocational training certificate (CATP) or technical aptitude certificate (CAP) with 3 years of professional experience.
  • A technical secondary or vocational school diploma.
  • Higher vocational or technical school diplomas.
  • A degree from a university.

Note that Luxembourg’s minimum salary may alter depending on the employee’s credentials and experience.

The most popular Luxembourg factory employment for foreigners are:

  1. Assembly line worker: Hand- or machine-assembles items.
  2. Operators manufacture items with machines.
  3. Quality control inspector: Verifies product quality.
  4. Warehouse workers store and retrieve goods.
  5. Products are packaged for shipping.
  6. Production worker: Does numerous production jobs.

Luxembourg industrial Employment for foreigners:

  1. Forklift operator: Moves materials at manufacturing or warehouse.
  2. Factory electrician: Installs and maintains electrical equipment.
  3. Plumbers install and maintain factory plumbing.
  4. Factory mechanics repair and maintain machinery.
  5. Welder: Makes items by welding metal pieces.
  6. Factory painter.

Luxembourg’s manufacturing sector needs qualified foreign workers, and there are many chances. Luxembourg manufacturing jobs require a work permit. Work permits can be obtained at the Luxembourgish Embassy or Consulate in your country.

Remember that the work market changes, so stay updated on possibilities and requirements. For further foreign job-hunting tools, contact your country’s embassy or consulate in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg Factory Worker Jobs 2024-25

Get a job as a digital Factory at Deloitte in Luxembourg in 2024

  • Digital Factory
  • Maintenance Electrical Technician
  • Lead Packaging Coordinator in Automotive (m/f/x)
  • Quality Coordinator
  • Packaging Coordinator (m/w/d)
  • Risk Manager / Investment Risk
  • Quality Technician
  • Company Name: Deloitte
  • Salary: $21-22/HR

Food Factory Jobs in Luxembourg for Foreigners 2024-25

Luxembourg offers numerous foreign food factory jobs, including food production workers, quality inspectors, warehouse workers, and packaging workers.

Machine operators operate bread-baking, meat-processing, and dairy-processing machinery.

Work permits require visiting the Luxembourgish Embassy or Consulate.

Factory jobs in Luxembourg for Foreigners’ salary

Luxembourg factory workers earn €36,278 per year and €17 per hour. Factory workers earn €27,535–€42,227 on average. 

Luxembourg Latest Jobs Overview 2024-25

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Latest Factory jobs in Luxembourg for foreigners 2024

Factory Jobs in Luxembourg for Foreigners With Visa Sponsorship 2024-25 FAQ

Ever imagined working in a busy European factory? Luxembourg’s broad manufacturing industry offers several chances to foreigners. The latest Luxembourg Factory Jobs for Foreigners 2024-25 FAQs are given below

Can foreigners work in Luxembourg factories? 

A: Yes! Manufacturing regularly recruits entry-level and skilled workers. Many employers welcome foreigners with the correct talents and work ethic. 

Q: What factory jobs exist? 

A: Options include: 

  • Workers in production: Operating machines, assembling items, quality control. 
  • Product packaging, forklift operation, inventory management. 
  • Maintenance technicians: Fixing equipment to keep manufacturing running smoothly. 
  • Quality inspectors: Checking product quality against standards. 

What are the language and certification requirements? 

A: Qualifications vary by function. Some entry-level jobs require technical training or degrees, while others require minimum experience.

French, German, or English is preferable. However, basic communication skills may work for some tasks. 

Where can I find Luxembourg industrial jobs? 

Examine these sources: 

  1. Find appropriate filters on Indeed, Monster, or Luxembourg Jobs. 
  2. Many recruitment services place temporary and permanent factory workers. 
  3. Check the “careers” sections of major Luxembourg industrial businesses’ websites. 
  4. Join Luxembourg’s job-focused social media communities. 

Do I need a job visa? 

Work visas are usually required for non-EU citizens. Many companies sponsor qualifying workers’ visas. Check visa eligibility by nationality. 

Q: What are Luxembourg factory jobs’ benefits? 

A: Possible enjoyment: 

  • Stable jobs with competitive salaries and overtime. 
  • Training and promotion on the job. 
  • Experience in a dynamic production setting. 
  • An attractive lifestyle in a safe, multicultural country. 

Q: Key points to remember? 

  • Investigate factory working conditions. 
  • Include relevant abilities and experience in your CV and cover letter. 
  • Prepare for interviews in the required language. 
  • Learn factory worker rights and obligations. 

How much do factory workers get paid in Luxembourg?

Factory workers get paid in Luxembourg $21-22 per hrs.

How many hours do you work in Luxembourg?

Each Just Arrived Luxembourg employee is entitled to 26 paid yearly leave days.

The 11 legal holidays supplement these days off. 

Keep in mind: This FAQ is general. Consult relevant authorities, embassies, and lawyers for specifics and personalised guidance. 

Start your Luxembourg factory adventure! Wish You Best Of Luck.

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