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Urgent Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia 2023: A Complete Guide

Are You Searching for Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia 2023? But you do not find the right answer. Apart from the Urgent Job Notification Alert, Job News-Times covers UAE, Asian and European countries’ latest job updates (Full-time/part-time jobs), PhD admissions notifications, all types of Scholarships, and educational updates daily.

Australia’s huge agricultural environment offers several fruit harvesting jobs. Australia offers a variety of fruit-picking experiences, from Queensland’s sunny orchards to Tasmania’s lush fields.

Australia’s Fruit-picking jobs types

Fruit harvesting offers many jobs for people of all skill levels. Popular fruit-picking jobs include:

1. General Fruits Pickers: General pickers collect apples, oranges, grapes, and berries.

2. Packer’s Overview: The Packer sorts, packs, and labels collected fruits to ensure quality.

3. Pruners: Trim and shape fruit trees for best growth and yield.

4. Irrigators: Manage irrigation systems to satisfy fruit tree water needs.

Pay and Working Conditions in Australia

Manual fruit harvesting is done outside in various weather situations.

  • Working long hours and repetitively can be physically exhausting.
  • However, it provides fresh air, exercise, and workplace companionship.
  • Pay for fruit picking varies by type, experience, and region.
  • Pickers usually earn each piece of fruit gathered.

Experienced pickers can make good money during peak picking seasons.

Lodging and Transportation

Fruit harvesting firms often house their staff on-site or nearby.

Travel plans are sometimes made by employers, especially for international movers.

Australia’s Visa Necessities

Visas for fruit harvesting employment vary by length of stay and occupational duties for foreigners.

Temporary work visas may be needed for short-term jobs, while permanent ones may be needed.

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Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia 2023

Advantages of Fruit Picking

Benefits of fruit picking include:

Flexible scheduling:

Many fruit-picking jobs provide flexible schedules for students, travellers, and those seeking work-life balance.

Travelling and exploring Australia:

Fruit-picking jobs allow you to see Australia’s different landscapes while earning money.

Fruit-picking jobs provide significant work and experience, especially for agricultural beginners.

Employment in Fruit Picking

A lot of channels offer fruit harvesting jobs:

SEEK, Indeed, and Adzuna are notable Australian employment boards for fruit harvesting.

Recruitment agencies:

Farmhand matches fruit pickers with employers.

Many farms post fruit-picking jobs on their websites or social media.

Urgently Hiring fruit Fruit-Picking Jobs in Australia with visa sponsorship 2023: Apply Now.

Get a job as a Fruit picker at Agri Labour in Australia in 2023   

Urgent Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia
Urgent Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia

*You have to have knowledge of basic farming.

Job Category: Agriculture Jobs

Gender: Male/Female

Monthly Salary: Fruit pickers in Australia earn $61,000 per year or $30 per hour.

Education: 10th / 12th

Company Name: Agri Labour

Official Website: CLICK HERE


Fruit picking jobs in Australia Salary

Fruit pickers in Australia earn $61,000 per year or $30 per hour.

How do I apply for a fruit picker in Australia?

Australian fruit picker jobs can be applied for via Internet job boards, recruitment agencies, and farms. A complete application guide is here:

1. Find Fruit Picker Jobs

Job boards online:

  1. Find fruit picker jobs at
  2. Indeed:
  3. Website:

2. Recruitment Agencies:

  1. Find farmhand jobs at
  2. Horticulture Labour Solutions:
  3. Why work rural? | RWAV:

3. Directly Contacting Farms:

  1. Check agricultural websites for jobs.
  2. Connect with farmers on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  3. Attend industry and career fairs.

4. Make a Good Resume

  • Include any agricultural or manual labour experience on your resume.
  • Highlight your physical endurance and ability to work outdoors in different climates.
  • Mention your openness to learn and adjust.

5. Interview preparation

  • Learn about the farm or employer’s operations and expectations.
  • Show professionalism and dress for outside work.
  • Answer questions regarding your work ethic and experience with enthusiasm.

6. Get visas (if needed)

  • Foreign workers may need a temporary or permanent work visa.
  • Consult the Australian Department of Home Affairs for visa requirements and application.

7. Consider Accommodation and Travel Arrangements

  • Workers live on-site or in adjacent communities on many farms.
  • Some employers help with travel, especially for international movers.
  • Request housing and travel assistance when applying for jobs.

8. Be Patient and Persistent

  • Fruit-picking jobs are competitive, so don’t give up if you don’t get the first one.
  • Keep applying, network with industry peers, and be ready to go.

Remember that fruit picker jobs demand dedication, adaptability, and a willingness to work outdoors in many situations. With persistence and a good outlook, you may enjoy Australia’s agricultural heritage and make money.

Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia 2023: Career Expert Advice

Fruit-picking jobs are lucrative, offer personal growth, and allow you to explore Australia’s agricultural heritage. From short-term adventures to long-term careers, the fruit-picking business welcomes people from all backgrounds to experience rural living and contribute to Australia’s abundant harvest.

Best of luck with the 2023 Australian Fruit Picking Jobs. Enjoy yourself, and Allow push notifications to get you global job updates.

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