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Urgent Hospitality Jobs In UK for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25: Apply Now 🇬🇧

Looking for a new adventure and bored with the same routine? Visit the UK’s vibrant hospitality scene, which offers visa sponsorships. Imagine captivating guests with your wit in a lovely tavern with rolling hills and roaring fireplaces. You could have been cooking in a lively London kitchen with laughter, plates, and wonderful chaos.

The UK hotel industry is growing, with chances for every passion, smile, and culinary creation. Your skills and enthusiasm are essential for success, whether you’re a barman, a dining room master or a morning shift magician.

Best part? Numerous organisations welcome exceptional hospitality workers from throughout the world with visa sponsorship to showcase their dynamic scenes. Whether you’re an experienced traveller or a newbie, your hospitality adventure is welcome. Expect to change your routine for something special. (Please join our Telegram Channel to stay connected with us.)

Explore the UK’s unique landscapes, cultures, and cuisines for lifelong memories and numerous Instagram tales. Enter a fast-paced, unpredictable world where every day is an adventure. Create a fulfilling career based on human connection, laughing, and the occasional dropped pint (they clean up well).

Are you curious? Explore our 2024 UK Hospitality Jobs with Visa Sponsorship guide. Discover interesting possibilities, visa choices, and practical methods to realise your hospitality aspirations. UK tables are set, drinks are poured, and laughing awaits. Accept the challenge, unleash your hospitality skills, and create exceptional experiences together.

Hospitality Jobs In UK for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25

Understanding Visa-Sponsored UK Hospitality

UK hospitality attracts international talent to its bustling bars, smart restaurants, and luxurious hotels. However, overseas job seekers may have trouble getting a visa. Visa sponsorship changes the game for competent applicants in the UK’s burgeoning hospitality sector.

This post covers all 2024 UK hospitality jobs with visa sponsorship. Sponsorship is essential to matching skilled workers to fulfilling professions. The application process, hospitality positions that sponsor, and the various benefits this road offers employers and ambitious people will be covered.

Chefs and hoteliers can cook in London or serve in a Scottish castle with visa sponsorship. We’ll help you find a visa sponsor and a fulfilling career in the UK’s burgeoning hospitality sector.

Industry overview: UK hospitality

UK Hospitality Boom: Size, Scope, Stars

Hospitality Jobs In UK for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25 Apply Now
Hospitality Jobs In UK for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25 Apply Now

UK hospitality includes pubs on cobbled alleys, Michelin-starred restaurants in ancient buildings, and modest bed & breakfasts in picturesque villages. This massive sector drives the UK’s economy and culture. Explore its intriguing details:

Dimensions and scope:

The 3rd largest employer in the UK, the hotel industry is valued at £91 billion and employs over 3.3 million people. 

Pub and restaurant outdoor seating on bustling London street.Opens new window

Visit for busy streets with pub and restaurant patios.

Many operators, from Marriott International and Hilton Worldwide to independent gastropubs and boutique B&Bs, make the UK’s hospitality charming.

Food and beverage (restaurants, bars, cafés), accommodation (hotels, B&Bs, serviced apartments), travel and tourism (tour operators, travel agencies), and entertainment and recreation make up the hospitality business.

Major Players:

Big hotels: AccorHotels, Whitbread (Premier Inn), Travelodge, IHG, Marriott International, Hilton Worldwide

Frankie & Benny’s, Strada, Compass Group, Whitbread (Barclaycard Arena catering).

Hospitality in UK

JD Wetherspoon, Greene King, Marston’s Beyond the Numbers:

UK hospitality is about memories, not statistics. It’s about the nice conversation at the local pub, the first bite of perfectly cooked fish and chips, the stunning hotel room view, and finding a hidden gem in a charming village. Networking, honouring cultures, and weaving stories into the UK’s unique fabric are crucial.

Due to its numerous players’ generosity, innovation, and passion, the UK’s hospitality industry provides an extraordinary experience for both first-time and repeat visitors.

This outline should illuminate UK hospitality’s fascinating world!

What problems does UK hospitality face?

UK hospitality faces many challenges that threaten growth and profitability. Key issues include rising raw materials, energy, and labour prices due to inflation.

Hospitality Jobs In UK for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25 Apply Now
Hospitality Jobs In UK for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25 Apply Now

The Guardian says that UK hospitality companies are failing to adjust to rising pricing and are reluctant to pass them on to cost-conscious clients. Industry problems include skilled labour shortages.

Hospitality relies on foreign workers, and Brexit uncertainty has slowed EU worker inflow to the UK.

Lockdowns and social estrangement have forced several firms to close or reduce capacity due to COVID-19. Companies must reduce carbon emissions and go green to address the climate crisis.

Visa sponsorship and Why UK hospitality Job hopefuls need it.

Visa sponsorship is required for UK hospitality job candidates from abroad. It entails a UK employer sponsoring a skilled foreigner and monitoring visa compliance.

Sponsorship allows the beneficiary to work and live in the UK during the job contract. Visa sponsorship solves a UK hospitality skills gap with global talent.

Visa sponsorship gives job applicants stability, Michelin-starred kitchens, and luxury accommodations.

UK hospitality workers develop and grow through best practices, cutting-edge technology, and diverse work situations.

Working in the UK benefits culture beyond work. Visa sponsorship helps skilled professionals and hospitality organisations find talent and allow overseas workers to work in the UK.

Urgent Hospitality Jobs In UK for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25: Grab Opportunity

Hospitality Career in the UK 

Get a job at Conrad Hotels & Resorts in the UK in 2024.

Other Job at Hilton :

Head Bartender

Senior GC&E Sales Executive

Conference & Events Operations Assistant

Food and Beverage Host

Assistant Manager Housekeeping,

Restaurant Manager,

Receiving Assistant,

Concierge Executive,

SPA Manager,

Executive Pastry Chef,

Food & Beverage Executive

Assistant Front Office Manager

Line Chef

Restaurant Floor Manager

Hospitality Jobs In UK Vacancy

Hospitality Jobs In UK for Foreigners Monthly Salary:

The average Hilton London housekeeping salary is £9.40 and line cooks £14.15 per hour. Supervisors earn £20,378, and operations directors £63,159. 

Hospitality Jobs In UK Monthly Salary

Employment Types: Full Time 

Place: UK 


Job Types with Visa Sponsorship in Hospitality:

UK hospitality jobs that sponsor visas:

Manager of Restaurant: 

Culinary Treats 

Restaurant managers oversee inventory, staff, and customer satisfaction.

A high school diploma or equivalent, one year of managerial experience, and excellent communication and interpersonal skills are required.

Hospitality Jobs Qualification


Chefs in hotels and restaurants cook.

Minimum requirements: culinary degree, two years of comparable experience, and excellent communication and organisation abilities.


Bartenders offer drinks in pubs and restaurants. Excellent customer service and related experience are needed.

Desired Housing:

Hospitality Jobs In UK for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25 Apply Now
Hospitality Jobs In UK for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25 Apply Now

Managers of hotels: 

Hotel administrators maintain cleanliness and guest relations to create a sanctuary. Your sponsorship can get you into stunning boutique hotels or global chains for memorable stays.

Manager Cleaning: 

These leaders supervise housekeeping to ensure guest comfort and cleanliness. Large city hotels and cosy country B&Bs offer visas in various locations.


Concierges are the ultimate locals, booking dinners and discovering hidden gems. Sponsorship at iconic places or busy city hotels can be unforgettable. Not Just Plate and Pillow:

Travellers and Tourism Workers: 

These vocations showcase the UK’s beauty: personalised tours, tourist agency management, and historical site tours. Visit the UK with a sponsored visa.

Party planners: 

Creative and organised, these pros create spectacular weddings and conferences. Grand event locations or charming inns provide sponsorship opportunities.

PR and marketing pros: 

Hospitality storytellers engage guests and promote brands. Visa sponsorship enables you to influence famous restaurants and independent hotels.

A short sample of visa-sponsored hospitality jobs. Find your niche in this exciting field with your skills and desire to develop your career and enjoy the UK. Research, explore, and prepare to unleash the UK’s welcome hospitality scene’s potential!

visa sponsorship in UK hospitality

Visa sponsorship for UK hospitality professionals offers exciting choices, but the terms may be a secret menu. Fear not, brave job seeker! Learn about and meet sponsorship terms in the UK’s dynamic hotel sector with this article.

Education and credentials:

Qualifications: Hospitality, tourism, and culinary arts are optional but can improve your application. Diplomas, degrees, or certifications in hospitality, culinary, or event planning.

Experience Matters: Your field experience helps. A successful restaurant, hotel, or travel agency background qualifies you for the sponsored post.

Fluency in language

English proficiency: 

The UK uses English, thus proficiency is required. IELTS scores start at 5.5, but 6.0-7.0+ boosts your prospects of competitive employment.

Additional requirements:

Sponsored jobs must meet UK government minimum wage requirements. This level is commonly £25,600 to £35,800 per year, depending on occupation and location.

Genuine Vacancy: Before sponsoring, the business must confirm that the sponsored position is empty and actively seek local candidates.

To sponsor foreign workers, the company needs a UKVI sponsor licence.

Meeting basic requirements is just the beginning. Your skills, experience, job offer, and sponsoring employer’s reputation will be considered.

Improve your visa sponsorship application tip:

  1. Find qualified jobs.
  2. Personalise your résumé and cover letter for sponsorship.
  3. Your visa interview will ask about your qualifications and experience.
  4. Ask immigration advisors or UK visa sponsorship recruiters.

You can start a lucrative career in the UK’s burgeoning hotel industry with sufficient preparation and awareness of the requirements. Refresh your resume and prepare for visa sponsorship!

Remember, the UK hospitality industry offers various alternatives, so research jobs and their requirements to match your skills and ambitions. Good luck!

Top UK Visa Sponsorship Companies

Many top UK hospitality companies hire overseas talent. Major hotel visa sponsors include:

Hotels Giant:

Marriott International: The Ritz-Carlton and Courtyard by Marriott offer global sponsorship and employment.

Hilton Worldwide: 

Conrad Hilton and Hilton Hotels & Resorts sponsor top hospitality talent and offer global jobs.


From budget-friendly Ibis to opulent Sofitel, AccorHotels offers professional advancement and funding for talented Europeans and others.

Restaurant Powerhouses:

Restaurant Powerhouses 2024-25 are given below

The Restaurant Group: 

Hospitality professionals including chefs and restaurant managers can sponsor Frankie & Benny’s and Strada in a dynamic setting.

Compass Group: 

The global food and hospitality giant Compass Group sponsors talented hotel, restaurant, and corporate employees.


The Whitbread Group: 

Dunstable-based Whitbread Group operates hotels and restaurants worldwide. The corporation runs Premier Inn, Beefeater, Brewers Fayre, and Table Table restaurants. Hotel, chef, and restaurant management visas are sponsored by Whitbread Group. 

Beyond Giants:

Dalloway Terrace: 

The celebrity-frequented London rooftop restaurant provides hospitality professionals sponsorship and great service.

The Pig Hotels: 

These rural resorts host qualified professionals seeking a pleasant work atmosphere and provide unique experiences. Local products and sustainability are their priorities.

Hakkasan Group: 

Hakkasan sponsors world-class chefs, servers, and other professionals for gourmet dining.

Note that this is a limited sample of visa sponsors. Exploring your selected sector (hotels, restaurants, travel, etc.) will reveal hidden gems and interesting opportunities for your skills and ambitions.

Other visa sponsorship company search tips:

  • For visa sponsorship, search company websites and employment ads.
  • Filter Indeed or Glassdoor jobs by “visa sponsorship.”
  • Meet employers at industry events and career fairs.
  • UK hospitality recruitment firms place multinational talent.

With patience and investigation, visa sponsorship can help you find the perfect opportunity to work in UK welcoming hospitality. Thus, be flexible, investigate, and prepare to start your UK hospitality career!

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Hospitality Jobs In UK for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25: Apply Now

Explain why visa sponsorship is important for UK hospitality job candidates.

Starting UK Hospitality: Visa Sponsorship Guide

UK hospitality might be overwhelming for international job seekers, but visa sponsorship gives hope. This essay showed how beautiful this route to a fulfilling career is.

A few highlights:

  1. Hotel, restaurant, travel, and other hospitality jobs are expanding in the UK.
  2. Employer-sponsored visas allow skilled overseas workers to work and live in the UK.
  3. Michelin-starred restaurants and B&Bs support chefs, managers, tourism specialists, and more.
  4. Sponsorship involves education, experience, English proficiency, and wage constraints.
  5. Top sponsors include Marriott, Hilton, The Pig Hotels, and Hakkasan.

Last thoughts:

  • Visa sponsorship is more than paperwork—it fulfils desires. It allows:
  • Open visa-restricted jobs.
  • You prosper in the UK with stability and security.
  • Learn from best practices and varied situations to advance professionally.
  • Discover the UK’s diverse cultures and communities to enrich your life.

Do research, customise, and seek for help. The UK hotel industry values your talent, and visa sponsorship can help you succeed. Enter the kitchen, check into your new hotel or plan an unforgettable tour—your UK hospitality adventure awaits!

Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship: UK Hospitality Jobs FAQs 2024-25

UK Hospitality Career-related FAQs 2024-25 are given below

Which UK hospitality occupations are open to visa-sponsored foreigners?

Foreigners with visa sponsorship can work in the UK hospitality business in many ways:

Hotel management, receptionists, housekeepers, cooks, waiters, and bartenders.

Restaurants and pubs: Chefs, cooks, waiters, waitresses, baristas AND restaurant managers.

Tour guides, travel agents, event planners, and customer service personnel are examples.

This includes theme park, casino, and cruise ship staff.

Q: What are the requirements for getting a visa-sponsored hospitality job in the UK?

The UK visa-sponsored hospitality job criteria are:

In the UK, visa-sponsored hospitality jobs differ by job and employer. Examples of general needs are:

Several years of hospitality experience or a degree in hospitality or tourism are required for many hospitality positions.

A decent command of English is required. English competence varies by profession.

Sponsored employment minimum wage: The UK government sets a minimum salary requirement. A £25,600 annual salary is the hospitality threshold.

How can I find hospitality jobs in the UK with visa sponsorship?

Visa sponsorship can help you find UK hospitality employment, including:

You can find UK employment on Indeed,, and Choose visa-sponsored jobs to narrow your search results.

Recruiting agencies: Many recruiting agencies place foreign workers in UK employment. Visa-sponsored jobs are available through these agencies.

Networking: Attending British hospitality industry events and networking with industry professionals will help you get jobs.

Visa-sponsored hospitality employment in the UK has what advantages?

VISA-sponsored hospitality jobs in the UK provide several privileges, including:

With a good quality of living and a cosmopolitan culture, the UK is a terrific destination to live and work.

Excellent job prospects: The UK hotel business is developing and offers several career paths.

UK hospitality workers may make substantial pay, especially with experience and certifications.

Access to Europe and the world: The UK is an excellent base for travel.

Hope this FAQ helped. We welcome any more inquiries.

Other tips:

Highlight relevant abilities and experience in cover letters and resumes when applying for employment.

  • Jobs may ask about your visa status.
  • Once you have a job, follow your employer’s visa application guidelines.

Wish you the Best of Luck with your Hospitality Jobs in the UK 2024-25.

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