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How to Change Passport Name after Marriage 2024-25? Step-by-Step Guide Details

Ringing bells, vows exchanged—where’s your passport? Congratulations on marrying! You’re celebrating love, but your passport may slip your mind between wedding planning and honeymoon thoughts.

Does your name now harmonise with your partner’s? Yes, change your passport to reflect your new, loved-up persona! This doesn’t have to be a bureaucratic nightmare, lovebirds.

This is your one-stop reference for changing your passport name after marriage in 2024. We’ll address all your burning questions, from “Do I have to?” to “How much does it cost?” Grab your passport and your partner’s hand, and let’s go on this romantic adventure!

Knowing Your Eligibility:

Check your country’s restrictions before applying. You can change your passport name in the US within a year of getting married without renewing.

This makes acting quickly convenient and cost-effective. Don’t worry if you miss that window! Changing your name while renewing your passport is possible.

India allows you to file for a name change anytime after your wedding, which is convenient for people who prefer a slower pace.

Obtaining Documents:

The documentation you require depends on your country and situation. Common requirements in many nations include:

  1. Your current passport: everything may seem obvious, but having everything on hand will save delays.
  2. Marriage certificate, original or certified copy: Your name change is officially confirmed.
  3. Photo on passport: Make sure the photo fits the size and format. Follow the requirements to avoid application rejection with incorrect photo dimensions!
  4. Apply form: Forms must be completed appropriately depending on your application method (online or offline).
  5. Extra documents: You may need to provide evidence of address, a local newspaper name change ad or other papers. A definitive list is available from your country’s government.

Selection of Application Method:

  • Today’s internet applications let you submit your request from home.
  • This speeds the process and typically gives real-time application status tracking.
  • If you prefer in-person engagement or need clarification, visiting a government office may be helpful.
  • Both ways have benefits, so pick the one that fits your comfort level and situation.

Applying Confidently:

Take the plunge after gathering all the relevant documents and choosing your application method! Fill out the application form carefully and accurately.

Attach supporting documents carefully and pay the processing cost as instructed. Remember to follow your method’s submission guidelines to avoid issues.

Tracking Your Peace of Mind Application:

Application submission starts the waiting game. Most government websites have application tracking to relieve concerns.

Use these online tools to track your request and receive updates. If you have specific inquiries, you can also contact the issuing authorities.

Beyond Passport: Embracing Change

Changing your passport name is simply one step towards acknowledging your marriage.

  1. Consider changing your driver’s licence, social security card, and bank accounts to your new name.
  2. This may seem cumbersome, but it maintains identity uniformity and simplifies administrative work.
  3. Starting this path with the correct information and resources can make changing your passport name after marriage easy. Use country-specific resources:

United States:

India: Available

These are general rules; details may vary by region and scenario. For the latest information and personalised advice, visit your country’s government website or contact the relevant authorities.

This detailed guide will help you confidently change your passport name after marriage, letting you enjoy this exciting new chapter in your life together!

Is it necessary to change name in passport after marriage in India?

You don’t need to alter your passport name after marriage in India. The Indian government has allowed married women to keep their maiden names on their passports since January 2024. New and re-issued passports are affected by this change.

There are various considerations:

  • Convenience: Sharing a name across papers simplifies travel and administration.
  • Personal preference: You may adopt your spouse’s name for consistency or other reasons.
  • In some countries, your passport name must match your visa or travel insurance.
  • You decide whether to alter your passport name. If you change your name, submitting a re-issue application with your marriage certificate is easy.

These resources can help:

  1. Visit Passport Seva website:
  2. For PM Modi’s declaration on women keeping maiden names, see:
How to Change Passport Name after Marriage 2024-25 Step-by-Step Guide Details
How to Change Passport Name after Marriage 2024-25 Step-by-Step Guide Details

Is marriage certificate mandatory for adding spouse name in passport?

In certain countries, adding your spouse’s name to your passport requires a marriage certificate. A deeper description of two common scenarios:

In America:

If you married within a year and are both US citizens, you don’t need a marriage certificate to add your spouse’s name to your passport.

This enables newlyweds to self-declare the name change without papers, streamlining the process.

A marriage certificate is required if:

Your wedding is over a year. This time limit prevents name-changing fraud.

Foreigners, either of you. Marriage documents show your marital status and allow you to add your spouse to your passport.

Take your spouse’s name. You need the marriage certificate to take your spouse’s name.

Over in India:

Marriage certificates are optional for passport additions but are encouraged. No further verification or documentation is needed to validate your name change and speed up the process.

Other marriage proofs:

  • Joint affidavit notarized. If you were married outside India or couldn’t secure a marriage certificate, this sworn declaration can.
  • Wedding announcements in the newspaper. Even if they’re not official, these pieces from recognised periodicals can establish your marriage.
  • Aadhaar or voter ID name change evidence. These documents prove you’ve changed your name with other government agencies, which may help you update your passport.
  • To add your spouse’s name to your passport, check your country’s official website. These constantly updated websites offer the best guidance.

Helpful resources include:


Passport India: Available

Although not essential, a marriage certificate is the best way to support your passport request to add your spouse’s name. The application procedure will be easier with this essential documentation.

Documents required for change of name in passport in India

Documents for Passport Name Change in India (2024)

In India, changing your passport name after marriage is optional. However, you may do it for convenience or personal desire. If you proceed, you’ll need these documents:

Required Documents:

Completed Application Form: Download and properly fill out the appropriate form from Passport Seva.

Download the application form from the Passport Seva website

Present Passport: Send your original passport and a self-attested copy of the first two and last two pages, including the ECR/Non-ECR, observation, and validity extension pages.

Proof of Address: Provide any of the following papers to verify your current address:

  1. Electricity bill
  2. Water & Landline Bill Phone bill Property tax receipt
  3. Bank Statement
  4. Voter ID, Ration Card, Aadhaar Card with address
  5. Licence to drive

Proof of Name Change: Submit one of the following documents to support your name change request:

Certificate of Marriage: The most popular and preferred proof, especially if adding your spouse’s name.

Gazette Notice: Provide a copy of the government gazette notification if you changed your name by court order.

Submit a copy of your deed poll (a notary public-sworn affidavit) if you changed your name.

Newspaper Advertisement: If you don’t have the following documents, provide two local newspaper clippings from the last three months announcing your name change.

In some cases, further documents are needed:

If you’re a government employee requesting a substantial name change, you’ll need to present your department’s issued Identity Certificate and a new one in your new name.

Provide a gazette notification and a new ID certificate for major name changes beyond adding a spouse’s name.


Self-attested photocopies of all documents except the application form are required.

If the documents are not in English or Hindi, have a government-approved translator and magistrate attest to them.

Before applying, check the Passport Seva website for document revisions.

You can easily change your Indian passport name and start a new chapter by obtaining the appropriate documents and following the application process.

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How to Change Passport Name after Marriage 2024? Step-by-Step Guide Details

How to Change Passport Name after Marriage 2024-25: FAQs

Congratulations on your wedding! You want to change your passport name to your married name. New Beginnings: A Comprehensive Guide on Changing Your Passport Name After Marriage in 2024, Some frequently asked questions will help you:

Should I change my passport name after marriage?

It’s optional. However, using your married name across papers simplifies and prevents confusion.

When can I change my name?

Depends on the country. Change your name in the US within a year of marriage for a smoother process. You can apply anytime in India.

What documents must I submit?

You’ll need your passport, marriage certificate, passport photo, application form, and potentially proof of address or other documents, depending on your country.

Change Passport Name after Marriage documents submission

Does my marriage certificate need certification?

Yes, sometimes. Check country requirements.

Can I apply online or in person?

Both are generally available. Choose the most suitable.

The process’ duration?

Location and approach affect processing times. Several weeks for delivery.

It costs how much?

Fees vary by country. Visit the government website for updates.

What if I travel soon after marriage?

If your passport is valid, you can go. But update it ASAP for future travels.

Do I need to update documents other than my passport?

For consistency, update your driver’s licence, social security card, bank accounts, etc., with your new name.

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