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Latest jobs in Netherlands for Indian 2023 Apply now

Are you looking for jobs in Netherlands for Indian 2023? A career in the Netherlands as an Indian citizen might be beneficial, but it may take research and preparation. Steps and tips for job hunting:

It would be best to have a work visa and residency permission to work in the Netherlands. Your potential employer will usually assist with the application. You must meet the requirements and have proper documents.

Netherlands job opportunities for Indian

Indian labourers choose the Netherlands due to its robust economy and rising employment market. Various industries offer work possibilities, including:

IT and technology: 

The Netherlands is a hub for IT firms, which need qualified personnel. Software developers, data scientists, and cybersecurity experts from India are in demand.

The Netherlands has a world-class healthcare system and a continuing demand for trained personnel. Nursing, medical, and dental experts from India are sought.


The Netherlands is a pioneer in engineering and innovation, and Indian engineers have various chances in construction, manufacturing, and energy.


The Netherlands has a robust education system and needs competent instructors and educators. Indian teachers in English, math, science, and other topics are in demand.

Finance and accounting: 

The Netherlands is a financial hub with many prospects for Indians with these skills.

Sales and marketing: 

Indian sales and marketing professionals have several prospects in the Netherlands, a worldwide centre for international enterprises.

Customer service: 

The Netherlands values customer service; thus, Indians with experience can find several jobs there.


The Netherlands is a prominent tourist destination with several hospitality job possibilities for Indians.

Logistics and transportation: 

  • The Netherlands is a significant transportation centre, offering several logistics and transportation jobs to Indians.
  • In addition, Indian entrepreneurs have several options to start firms in the Netherlands. The Dutch government loves startups and provides various tools to help them flourish.

Indians can browse Internet job boards, contact recruiting firms, and network with industry peers to find jobs in the Netherlands. You might also visit Dutch business events or job fairs.

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Latest jobs in Netherlands for Indian 2023 Apply now

Netherlands jobs for Indian freshers 2023

jobs in the Netherlands for India 2023: Netherlands Job-Search Resources:

Online Job Portals: 

Search LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and Monster for Dutch job opportunities.

Company Websites: 

Many companies offer job openings, so examine their career sections.

Recruitment Agencies: 

Register with Dutch foreign worker recruitment agencies.


Meet professionals and potential employers at professional networking events and on LinkedIn.

English is extensively spoken in the Netherlands, especially in business. Learning Dutch can be beneficial, especially for working with local clients or coworkers.

Resume and Cover Letter: 

Customise them for Dutch jobs. Include your contact information and Dutch language fluency, as well as job-related abilities and experiences.

If you get an interview, prepare well. Learn about the company, culture, and job. Prepare to answer common interview questions and discuss your skills and value to the firm.

Netherlands Work Permits and Documentation: 

jobs in the Netherlands for India 2023: Make sure you have them. You should follow your employer’s instructions, but be informed.

Housing and Cost of Living: Research Dutch housing and the cost of living in your intended city. Book lodging before starting work.

Healthcare and Insurance:

Learn about Dutch healthcare and get insurance.

Cultural Integration:

Learn Dutch customs and etiquette to ease your transfer.

Follow Dutch labour rules, including taxation, social security, and employment contracts.

Job markets and criteria differ by sector and region in the Netherlands. The Netherlands also offers “highly skilled migrant” benefits to foreign professionals.

For the latest job openings and application process, investigate and consult the Dutch embassy or consulate in your country.

The Indian embassy in the Netherlands:

Latest jobs in the Netherlands for India 2023

Get a job as an IT at MSD Haarlem in the Netherlands in 2023

Netherlands IT Job Details 

  • Technician
  • Deputy Quality Responsible Person
  • Supplier Development Engineer Senior Specialist
  • Process Optimization Specialist
  • Sr. HR Business Partner
  • Operational Excellence Technical Lead – Manufacturing
  • Learning Partner – Manufacturing Production Systems
  • Operational Excellence Technical Lead
  • Supplier Quality Engineer

Company Name : MSD Haarlem, Netherlands

Salary: The average IT salary in the Netherlands is €5400 per month and yearly 55,000 €.

Official Website:

Indian jobs in Netherlands Salary

The monthly gross, health insurance, and taxable wages of an Indian worker in the Netherlands determine their take-home pay.

Part-time workers earn €6-10 per hour, more in teaching and hotel receptionist employment.

International students earn 20 Euros (INR 1,700) per hour.

Netherlands jobs for Indian 12th Pass

Indians who completed 12th grade might work in the Netherlands in customer service, hospitality, retail, agriculture, manufacturing, and specialised industries.

The applicant must have the relevant skills and experience, obtain a Dutch work visa, and hunt for jobs on Internet job boards, recruiting firms, and industry networks. The growing tourism business needs Indian workers.

Hotel jobs in Netherlands with visa sponsorship

The Netherlands, a famous tourist destination, hires Indians for front desk, concierge, housekeeping, food & beverage, and management jobs.

These jobs involve checking people in and out, scheduling reservations, recommending restaurants, coordinating transportation, and managing staff to satisfy customers.

Jobs in Netherlands for Indian with visa sponsorship

In the Netherlands,

  • Adyen,
  • Takeaway,
  • Picnic,
  • Elastic,

and MessageBird funds Indian workers’ visas.

IT, healthcare, engineering, and financial industries thrive in the country.

Amsterdam, Technical University of Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Utrecht, and Leiden universities sponsor visas.

Dutch visa sponsorship needs a sponsoring firm’s employment offer, qualified and experienced individuals, and health and security compliance.

For visa information, Indians should contact their local embassy or consulate.

Latest jobs in Netherlands for Indian 2023 FAQ

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