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A Comprehensive Guide to the Jobs in UAE for Freshers 2023-24

UAE JOBS 2024:Are You Searching for Jobs in UAE for Freshers in 2023? But you do not find the right answer. Apart from the latest job news Alert, Job News-Times covers UAE, Asian and European countries Urgent jobs news (Full-time/part-time jobs), PhD admissions notifications, all types of Scholarships, and educational updates daily.

Career seekers worldwide are flocking to the UAE, a hub of innovation and economic vitality. Fresh graduates and job seekers are drawn to its robust job market, especially in technology, hospitality, and finance. Though employment competition is high, freshers might improve their prospects by being strategic.

How to get a jobs in UAE for freshers

UAE Job Market Research:

Understand the UAE job market before starting your search. Find sectors that hire newcomers. Some promising sectors are:

  • Tourism, hospitality
  • Retail
  • Telecom and IT
  • Manage Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Education
  • Healthcare

Utilizing Online Resources:

After identifying sectors, search,, and Indeed UAE for relevant job postings. Search corporate websites and LinkedIn for direct job postings.

Improve Your Skills:

Co-ops and internships:

Internships and co-ops boost resumes and give freshers practical experience. Look for these possibilities at school.

Volunteering improves your talents and shows community service. Get exposure and professional networking by joining organizations in your sector.

Highlight relevant skills and experience:

Select and highlight job-related abilities and experiences in your CV and cover letter. Quantify your accomplishments and demonstrate your contribution to the company.

Develop Your Network:

Professional Organisations and Industry Events:

Attend industry conferences and workshops to network with industry leaders. Join relevant professional organizations to network and learn about industry trends.

Use LinkedIn to network effectively. Meet recruiters, industry experts, and future colleagues. Develop contacts and seek guidance through meaningful interactions.

Customise Resume and Cover Letter:

Individual Job Application Customization:

Avoid sending a generic résumé and cover letter for every job. Focus on your most relevant talents and expertise while tailoring each document to the role.

Highlighting Relevant Achievements:

Show your successes and effect, not just your abilities and expertise. Showcase your problem-solving, teamwork, and volunteer work with detailed examples.

Prepare for interviews:

Practise and Improvement:

Practice popular interview questions to acquire confidence and improve your answers. Ask mentors or career counsellors for improvement suggestions.

Company research and understanding presentation:

Interview preparation requires thorough research. Learn about the company’s history, values, mission, and developments. Show your knowledge and synergy with their aims in the interview.

Urgent Jobs in UAE for Freshers 2023-24

Get a job as a Bus Driver at Emirates Flight Training Academy in UAE in 2023   

Minimum Education: 8th/10th/ 12th 

Job Category: Driver Jobs in Dubai 

Gender: Male/Female 

Salary: AED 6000-8500 per month

Official Website: CLICK HERE

Latest Dubai Jobs Overview 2023-24

The Latest Jobs in UAE for Freshers 2023 with Visa Sponsorship are given below

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Jobs in UAE for Freshers 2023

Additional Freshers Tips:

Learning Arabic:

Learning Arabic will boost your UAE job prospects. Use language courses or internet tools to improve your Arabic.

Considerations for Moving:

Be open to moving to smaller UAE cities or emirates. Beyond Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there may be jobs and reduced living costs.

Work Visa Needs:

Apply for a work visa after receiving a job offer. Visa applications require paperwork, medical examinations, and expenses.

Jobs in UAE for freshers’ salary

UAE freshers might expect a monthly salary of AED 3,000 to AED 5,000. The fresher’s compensation depends on the position, organisation, qualifications and experience.

The average starting salary for freshers in UAE sectors is listed below:

Tourism and hospitality: AED 3,000–4,000/month

Retail: AED 3,500–4,500/month

IT/telecommunications: AED 4,000–5,000/month

Logistics and supply chain management: AED 3,500–4,500/month

Education: 3,000–4,000 AED per month

Healthcare: AED 3,500–4,500/month

Averages are not exact; incomes may vary. Freshers with great credentials and experience may earn more. Cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi may have greater incomes.

Jobs in UAE for Freshers: Career Coach’s Point Of View

Freshers need strategic preparation, skill development, and networking to succeed in the UAE job market. These thorough instructions can help freshers succeed in the UAE’s dynamic and rising job market. Remember, tenacity, adaptability, and a willingness to learn can help you succeed in this interesting job.

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