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Latest Nursing jobs in Singapore 2023-24: Apply Now

Singapore Job 2024: Are you Searching for Nursing jobs in Singapore 2023? Nursing jobs in Singapore are in demand due to its ageing population and global healthcare hub reputation. If you’re a foreigner interested in nursing in Singapore, consider these steps:

Nursing jobs in Singapore Foreigners: Eligibility Criteria

Be eligible to work as a nurse in Singapore. It would help if you had nursing qualifications and a license in your own country.

Singapore Nursing Registration 2024:

Make sure Singapore recognizes your nursing credentials. The Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) may assess your eligibility.

Singapore’Working Visa:

Get your work visa. An Employment Pass or S Pass may be required depending on your nationality and job. Singapore employers usually sponsor work visas.

Look for work:

Search internet job portals, hospital websites, and healthcare recruitment firms for employment openings. Singapore’s major hospitals are Singapore General Hospital, National University Hospital, and Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Licenses and certification:

Practice in Singapore may require the Nurses’ Orientation Programme or other licensing or certification. The SNB can explain additional requirements.

Proficiency in language

Nursing jobs in Singapore demand English knowledge because it is an official language. IELTS or OET exams may be required to prove your language proficiency.

Cultural Awareness:

Learn local culture and healthcare. Singapore is diverse; thus, healthcare professionals must accept cultural differences.

Pay and benefits:

Research Singapore nurse salaries and benefits. Experience, specialization, and employer affect pay.


Think about housing and moving. Planning your Singapore house is crucial due to the competitive market.

Professional Growth:

Nursing specialization and professional growth are available in Singapore. Monitor continued education and training.

Visa and Work Permit Renewal in Singapore 2023-24:

If you want to work in Singapore, renew your work visa on time.

Note that rules and processes may change over time, so check with the Singapore Nursing Board and the Ministry of Manpower for the latest information and guidelines on working as a foreign nurse in Singapore.

Networking with Singaporean nursing experts and organizations also helps you get a job.

What are the requirements for a nursing job in Singapore?

Candidates for registered nursing in Singapore must have a Diploma, Accelerated Diploma, or Degree in Nursing from MOH-recognized institutions.

  • Enrolled nurses can become Senior Enrolled Nurses and provide holistic care.
  • The Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) requires foreign nurses/midwives to register and have a Practising Certificate.

They must also complete a nursing/midwifery equivalent programme.

What is the salary range for nurses in Singapore?

Registered nurses in Singapore earn an average of S$39,416 per year, ranging from S$4,000 to S$70,000 monthly, depending on qualifications.

How many hours do nurses work in Singapore?

Nurses’ weekly hours under HSEU agreements with NUHS, SingHealth, and NHG are 42 hours for regular, 40 for rotating, and 38-40 for permanent night shifts.

How many days off do nurses get per week in Singapore?

Singaporean nurses can work 42 regular, 40 rotating, or 38-40 night shifts and 11 public holidays.

Nursing Benefits in Singapore?

The AsiaOne salary guide shows that registered nurses in Singapore earn an average of S$39,416 per year, ranging from S$4,000 to S$70,000.

The Ministry of Health has expanded aged care and supported informal carers.

Nursing Jobs in Singapore Without Experience 2023-24

Singapore hires inexperienced nursing aides, healthcare assistants, and enrolled nurses.

Under the supervision of a registered nurse or other healthcare professionals, these positions provide basic patient care in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes.

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Latest Nursing jobs in Singapore 2023: Apply Now

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Urgent Nursing jobs in Singapore 2023 FAQ

Are nurses in high demand in Singapore?

The healthcare industry in Singapore is developing, and skilled nurses are in demand.

Is Singapore looking for nurses?

Yes, Singapore looking for nurses. Singapore needs healthcare workers.

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