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Urgent Restaurant Jobs in Malta with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25

Are You Seeking Restaurant Jobs in Malta with Visa Sponsorship 2024? Malta, the Mediterranean treasure, has more than scenic beaches, beautiful waters, and ancient history. The waves rhythmically accompany diverse flavours on your plate in this thriving culinary sector. This vibrant tapestry needs a competent staff, and you, the talented international foodie, are needed!

Malta’s hotel business is booming, and restaurants need your help. In this culinary wonderland, you can cook delicious food and greet guests with a grin. The best part? Many restaurants will sponsor your work visa, fulfilling your Maltese ambition.

Visa-sponsored restaurant jobs:

Malta has a place for your culinary or front-of-house skills. From friendly waiters and bartenders to talented chefs and bakers, every profession contributes to memorable dining experiences.

Remember the superheroes behind the scenes, including kitchen porters and food & beverage service staff, who keep things running smoothly and everyone happy!

Maltese Restaurant Work Benefits:

Restaurant Jobs in Malta with Visa Sponsorship 2024 work benefits are given below

Competitive pay and benefits:

Live comfortably in a sunny paradise.

Urgent Restaurant Jobs in Malta with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25
Urgent Restaurant Jobs in Malta with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25

Malta’s beaches, history, and culture await you as a resident or employee.

Get global experience:

Develop your abilities with international colleagues.

Opportunities for career advancement:

Build a rewarding culinary career in Malta.

Sponsorship Process for Visas:

Getting a Malta work visa is easier than navigating pastizzi! The primary types are single work permits for specific jobs and employment + residence permits for extended periods. Most eateries sponsor both.

Good qualifications, appropriate experience, and a clean criminal record are usually required. Check government websites for details. No worries—we’ll provide everything you need to complete the procedure.

Urgent Restaurant jobs in Malta with visa sponsorship for foreigners 2024: Apply Now

Get a job as a Restaurant at Wigi’s Kitchen, St. Julian’s in Malta in 2024   

Salary: €13,109/year, or €6/hour. The average wage is €10,212–€14,970.

Restaurant Name: Wigi’s Kitchen, St. Julian’s 

Official Website: CLICK HERE

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Urgent Unskilled Malta Jobs with Visa Sponsorship 2023

Visa Sponsored Restaurant Job Resources:,,

Hosco, Michael Page, Eden Spencer recruiters


Write a great CV and cover letter, explore Maltese cuisine and practice interviews.

Success tales:

Learn about expats who landed dream careers in Malta and be inspired!

Restaurant jobs in Malta with visa sponsorship for foreigners

Malta is a culinary hub with several job opportunities for foreigners. Michelin-starred and coastal restaurants on the island welcome talented international guests. Many of these restaurants sponsor visas, enabling a great profession and living in Malta.

Urgent Restaurant Jobs in Malta with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25
Urgent Restaurant Jobs in Malta with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25

Waiters/waitresses, bartenders, restaurant supervisors, hosts, customer service representatives, chefs, line cooks, kitchen porters, bakers and pastry chefs, and food and beverage service professionals can get visas. Maltese restaurants provide high earnings, foreign experience, work-life balance, and visa sponsorship.

Employment sites like,, and Careerjet. Mt can help you locate work. Learn fundamental Maltese phrases, experience Maltese culture, and prepare for the application procedure. You may realise your goal in Malta with the correct resources and help.

Chef jobs in Malta with Sponsorship

Malta’s flourishing culinary scene offers visa-sponsored chef opportunities: Head Chef, sous Chef, line cook, pastry chef and pizzaiolo.

The benefits include visa sponsorship, attractive salary, foreign experience, and work-life balance.

Look on,, and Careerjet—Mt for chef jobs. Attend industry events and network with Hosco, Michael Page, and Eden Spencer placement agencies. 

Write a good CV and cover letter, demonstrate your talents, prepare for interviews, and accept Maltese culture to get your ideal chef job. 

You may realise your dream and contribute to Maltese cuisine with the necessary means and determination.

Can I work in Malta with tourist visa?

In Malta, tourist visas are for temporary visits and do not allow legal labour. Work permits, including single work permits, employment + residence permits, and Malta Highly Qualified Persons (HQP) permits, are required to work in Malta. 

A passport, travel insurance, sponsoring employer employment offer, basic credentials, and fees are required. Professional advice is advised for a seamless process.

Additional Sections:

Maltese Restaurant Work Additional Sections are given below


Explore fine dining or traditional Maltese food.


Learn about Maltese gastronomy from an expat cook.

Challenges and Advice:

Discuss cultural and language difficulties and their solutions.

Remember, Malta awaits! Prepare to enjoy a delectable new chapter in your life by packing your luggage and dusting off your résumé.

Contact info:

The Maltese government website and the recruitment agencies above can provide more information and support. Enjoy your Maltese culinary adventure!

Common Questions on Malta Restaurant Jobs with Visa Sponsorship 2024:

What visa-sponsored restaurant employment is available in Malta?

Several occupations exist, from waiters and bartenders to chefs, pastry chefs, and kitchen personnel.

What are the perks of Maltese restaurant work?

Competitive salary, benefits, foreign experience, career progression, work-life balance in a beautiful location, and visa sponsorship.

Malta restaurant work visa sponsorship options?

Work permits for specific jobs and employment + residence permits for longer periods are available.

How can I locate visa-sponsored Malta restaurant jobs?

Attend industry events, connect with Hosco and Michael Page employment firms, and browse,, and Careerjet. Mt.

Do I need any specific qualifications or experience to work in Malta restaurants?

Job requirements vary, but related skills and experience are preferred.

What documents are needed for visa applications?

Passports, travel insurance, job offer letters, qualifications and experience, and financial documents are usually requested.

What is the visa sponsorship Salary minimum?

Minimum salaries vary by employment and permit type but must meet Malta’s minimum wage.

Should I speak Maltese to work in a restaurant in Malta?

Although English is extensively spoken in tourism, simple Maltese phrases can help.

Work permits in Malta take how long?

Depending on the application and conditions, processing can take weeks or months.

Can I switch occupations after acquiring a restaurant-sponsored work permit?

Change occupations under specific conditions, but check the permit.

What happens if I lose my employment in Malta while on a work permit?

You have a grace time to find new work but contact immigration quickly.

Can I extend my Malta work permit?

Extensions may be allowed based on the permit type and circumstances.

Access the Maltese government website at and the immigration authorities at

Malta Enterprise:

Note that this FAQ is for information only and not legal advice. Always seek an immigration lawyer or consultant for particular advice.

Enjoy your Maltese culinary adventure!


Malta calls with sweet smells and a warm welcome. Take your apron and travel to Malta if you’re a foodie looking for rewarding employment in a beautiful place. Enjoy a world of culinary pleasures with visa sponsorships.

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