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Latest Tier 2 Sponsorship Jobs in Hospitality UK 2024-25: Apply Now 🇬🇧

Want Culinary Castles? Develop Your UK Hospitality Dream with Tier 2 Sponsorship (2024) Skip stale pastries and weak tea. Imagine producing Michelin-starred masterpieces in London’s centre, making guests magic in a Scottish castle, or leading wonderful tours through England’s lively streets. UK hospitality is calling, and Tier 2 sponsorship in 2024 is the key to a career feast. (Please join our Telegram Channel to stay connected with us.)

This tutorial opens up a world of:

Discover your kitchen canvas, from simmering sauces in rustic pubs to plating food masterpieces in gilded restaurants.

Charming lodging: The keys to boutique B&Bs, magnificent hotels, and busy hostels are yours.

Beyond Plate and Pillow: Shape UK hospitality by creating amazing events, unique trips, or reimagining renowned properties.

There’s more! A formula for success, not just a menu. Learn the secrets of:

  • Visa maze navigation: From sponsor-ready roles to interviewing, simplify Tier 2.
  • Economical cooking: Know the fees and funding so you can enjoy every step.
  • Sizzling skills: Learn about your qualifications and experience to become the UK’s top hospitality chef.

Refresh your whisk, polish your charm, and prepare to bake your UK hospitality dream with Tier 2 sponsorship. This book will lead you to a profession that’s more than a job—it’s an experience.

Ready to eat first? Jump in and cook!

What is Tier 2 sponsorship?

Non-UK residents can work in the UK with a Tier 2 sponsorship visa and a ‘certificate of sponsorship’ from their employer. Your employment and English proficiency determine your eligibility for this visa, which superseded the Tier 2 (General) work visa.

A Skilled Worker visa requires you to work for a Home Office-approved UK employer, have a ‘certificate of sponsorship’ from your employer, do a job on the list of eligible occupations, and be paid a minimum salary; how much depends on the type of work.

You need an employment offer to apply for a visa. Read, write, speak, and comprehend English. English proficiency is frequently required while applying. You may be eligible for another UK work visa if not a Skilled Worker visa.

How long does it take to get a Tier 2 sponsorship job in the UK?

The time it takes to secure a Tier 2 sponsorship position in the UK varies on job availability, employer recruitment, and visa processing.

Visas can be applied for up to three months before starting employment in the UK, according to the UK government website.

Latest Tier 2 Sponsorship Jobs in Hospitality UK 2024-25 Apply Now
Latest Tier 2 Sponsorship Jobs in Hospitality UK 2024-25 Apply Now

You must supply identification and papers with your application. Having an appointment may require additional time.

Start your application to see whether you need one. After applying online, verifying your identification, and providing your documentation, you’ll normally obtain a visa decision within:

  • 3 weeks outside the UK.
  • 8 weeks in the UK 

Latest Hospitality Worker Jobs in UK with Tier 2 Sponsorship 2024-25: Apply Now

Hospitality Career in the UK with Tier 2 Sponsorship

Get a job as a Food & Beverage Executive at Conrad Hotels in the UK in 2024.

Hospitality Jobs In the UK for Foreigners Monthly Salary:

The average London hospitality salary is £21,350.

Employment Types: Full Time 

Place: UK 


How much does applying for a Tier 2 sponsorship job in the UK cost?

Applying for a Tier 2 sponsorship position in the UK costs depends on numerous things, including:

For you, applicant:

The basic Skilled Worker visa (previously Tier 2 General) costs £719, with increasing fees for extended visas. Professionals and foreign applicants pay less.

Latest Tier 2 Sponsorship Jobs in Hospitality UK 2024-25 Apply Now
Latest Tier 2 Sponsorship Jobs in Hospitality UK 2024-25 Apply Now

Surcharge for healthcare: The Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) is required to use the NHS in the UK. For the duration of your visa, budget £624 every year.

Living costs: You must show you have enough money to support yourself while waiting for your visa. The required amount depends on geography and family.

Your possible employer (sponsor):

The employer pays the UK government the Immigration Skills Charge (ISC) to sponsor your visa. The fee varies on firm size and visa duration.

For modest and charity sponsors, the first 12 months cost £364, and each subsequent six months £182. Medium and large sponsors pay more.

Renewing a sponsor license to sponsor foreign workers costs employers annually. The cost is £821.

Some firms charge extra for visa processing and sponsorship certificates.

An estimated estimate of your costs:

Your cost: £719 immigration charge + £624 annual IHS fee + living expenses

Employer costs: £364 ISC (first 12 months) + £182 for 6 months + £821 sponsor licence fee + legal/admin fees

These are estimates, so your expenses may vary. Your future employer may cover some or all of your charges, so negotiate these with them.

Tips for cost reduction:

  • Apply to sponsorship-funded employment.
  • Jobs in shortage occupations may have lower visa application fees or ISC exemptions.
  • Start with a shorter visa because fees are lower.
  • You should plan your vacation and budget for living expenses while waiting for your visa.

This should clarify the costs of applying for a Tier 2 sponsored position in the UK. Good luck with your application!

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Latest Tier 2 Sponsorship Jobs in Hospitality UK 2024-25 Apply Now

FAQs on Tier 2 Hospitality UK 2024-25 Sponsorship Jobs!

Want a career in the UK’s dynamic hospitality scene? Your secret ingredient may be Tier 2 sponsorship! Let’s clear up some culinary uncertainty with these FAQs before you pack your whisk and charm:

1. Which hospitality positions offer Tier 2 sponsorship?

The UK hospitality business offers many sponsorship opportunities:

Chefs, pastry chefs, bakers, restaurant managers, and head chefs—kitchens call!

Accommodation Dreams: Hotel managers, B&B hosts, housekeepers, and concierges create cosy or luxurious stays.

Beyond the Plate and Pillow: Travel agents, tour guides, event planners, and marketing experts build guest experiences and tell the UK’s hospitality story.

2. What are Tier 2 sponsored job requirements?

Like a good dish, it needs a few essentials:

Diplomas in culinary arts, hospitality, or industrial wizardry work miracles.

Language skills: English Score well on IELTS to demonstrate your communication skills.

Meeting the minimal salary threshold: £25,600 to £35,800 per year, depending on work and area.

A genuine vacancy: Your company must show they couldn’t locate a UK resident for the job.

3. How can I discover UK Tier 2 sponsored hospitality jobs?

Job boards online: Search Indeed,, or for “Tier 2 sponsorship.”

Company websites: Marriott and Hilton advertise sponsored positions directly.

Recruitment companies like Eden Swan and Hospitality Search find sponsor-ready jobs.

4. How much does a Tier 2 sponsored job application cost?

Be ready for financial components:

Visa application fee: £719, plus longer visa fees.

Healthcare surcharge: £624 annual NHS contribution.

Living expenses: Show you can wait financially.

5. What’s the sponsoring process?

Experience multiple courses:

  • Work for a sponsor-ready company.
  • Apply for visa and IHS surcharge.
  • Showcase your skills at your visa interview.

Prepare for your UK career and arrival after approval!

6. Where can I receive more advice?

Avoid soloing! Request help from:

  • An expert guides you through the visa maze.
  • Experienced recruiters know how to get sponsored jobs.
  • Online sources: Government websites and guides like this!

Remember, this is only a sample FAQ. Explore positions, investigate companies, and personalise your approach to become the UK hospitality dream’s top chef. Happy eating!

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