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Latest US Nursing Jobs for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25: Apply Now 🇺🇸

Are you an experienced nurse looking to increase your knowledge and contribute to the world’s top healthcare system? Just look at the US! Talented international nurses like you are sought after in the US healthcare sector due to rising demand and many opportunities. With visa sponsorship, you may pursue your American Dream in healthcare in 2024. Don’t forget to Join our Telegram Channel to stay connected with us. CLICK HERE

US Nursing Jobs for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25

US Nursing Jobs for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024

The US healthcare system needs more experienced nurses, generating significant prospects for qualified people abroad.

Visa sponsorship is essential for international nurses looking to share their skills and grow their careers in the US.

What are the requirements for foreign nurses to work in USA?

Foreign nurses wanting to work in the US must meet certain conditions. The main steps are: 

Meet US Nurse Education Requirements:

  • Graduation from an authorised Registered Nursing programme (ADN or BSN). 
  • Registered Nurse licence. 
  • At least two years of nursing experience. 

Learn Foreign-Educated Nursing or FEN. 

Foreign-educated nurses must take a FEN refresher in most states. 

Latest US Nursing Jobs for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25
Latest US Nursing Jobs for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25

The course typically has 120 hours of classroom instruction and 120 hours of RN-supervised clinical practice. 

Complete English proficiency tests: 

  • Depending on your country, English language proficiency examinations like TOEFL, TOEIC, and IELTS may be required. 
  • Nursing students from English-speaking nations (e.g., the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or Ireland) or using English textbooks are exempt. 

Clear the NCLEX-RN: 

  • US RN licensure requires passing the NCLEX-RN. 

Get-Credential Assessment: 

  • Have an authorised agency review your overseas nursing credentials to assure US compliance. 
  • Nursing Recruiting Agency or US Employer: 
  • Contact international nurse recruitment agencies. 

Get an RN Immigrant Visa/Green Card: 

  • Work legally in the US with a visa or green card. 
  • After completing the procedures, find an RN position in a US hospital or healthcare centre. 

Research state-specific regulations and licencing boards because each state may have unique requirements. Good luck with your US RN career and CGFNS International provide more details.

Emphasising US Visa Sponsorship:

  • Visa sponsorship reduces the complicated US work authorization process.
  • This lets foreign nurses focus on finding work and assimilating within American healthcare.

Nurse Demand in the US:

  • An ageing population, more healthcare access under the Affordable Care Act, and a nurse shortage drive up US healthcare requirements.
  • This puts qualified nurses in high demand across healthcare settings.

Latest US Nursing Jobs for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25:Golden Opportunity

Sponsorship Nursing Career for Foreigners in the USA 2024-25

Get a Nursing Job at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in the USA in 2024 

Nursing Job Overview 2024: 

The Johns Hopkins Hospital Other Jobs are given below 

  1. Nurse Manager – Inpatient Rehab
  2. Clinical Customer Service Representative
  3. Patient Safety Attendant – Supplemental Staffing Unit
  4. CLINICAL TECH – Nelson 4
  5. PATIENT SAFETY ATTENDANT – Supplemental Staffing Unit
  6. Inpatient Oncology Service 
  7. Acute Care NP – Inpatient Oncology Nocturnist 
  8. Administrative Coordinator
  9. ADON – Ambulatory Oncology
  10. Anesthesia Critical Care Technician II
  11. Cardiovascular Radiology Technologist (Cardiac Cath)

Employment Status: Full-Time / Part Time

Nursing recruitment agencies in the USA for international nurses

Agencies that recruit: 

Nationally recognised agencies: These agencies can connect you to US possibilities. Some examples are:

Aya Healthcare, AMN Healthcare, and Travel Nurses Inc. 

Cross-country nurses 

The Joint Commission State-specific agencies: These agencies specialise in state-specific nursing positions. This can help if you know the area.

Find state-specific agencies by searching online for “[state name] healthcare staffing agency” or “[state name] nurse recruitment agency.” 

Government Bodies: 

USAJobs: The official US federal government job website. Search for nursing jobs by keyword or location. 

The USAJobs site 

State government sites: Many state governments post nursing positions on their websites. Search for “[state name] government jobs.” to find these websites. 

Extra Resources: 

  1. American Nurses Association (ANA): The ANA represents US nurses. Foreign nurses can get visa sponsorship and job-hunting advice from them. 
  2. National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN): The NCSBN provides US nursing licensure information. 

You can discover a reliable recruitment agency or government agency to help you find US nursing employment by using these tools and researching. 

The Johns Hopkins Hospital Nursing Jobs in the USA Salary:

Registered nurses at The Johns Hopkins Hospital earn an average of $89,038 annually, including base and bonus pay. Nursing assistants make $15.94 per hour, and nursing attendants $44.36. 

  • Company Name: The Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Place: Baltimore, USA

Top 10 High-Paying Nursing Careers in 2024-25

Here are 2024’s highest-paying US nurse positions and their annual salaries: 

As a CRNA, the yearly salary is $203,090. 

CRNAs administer anaesthesia in conjunction with other healthcare providers. 

Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse: Annual salary: $136,592. 

Role: NICU nurses treat severely unwell and preterm babies. 

The Pain Management Nurse’s salary is $124,006 per year. 

Role: Pain management nurses assist chronic pain patients. 

General nurse practitioner: $121,610 annual salary. 

GNPs diagnose and treat numerous health disorders as primary care providers. 

Certified Nurse Midwife: Annual salary: $120,880. 

The role: CNMs care for women during pregnancy, labour, and delivery. 

Health Policy Nurse: Annual salary: $120,333. 

These nurses shape healthcare policy and protect patients. 

A Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner earns $117,870 annually. 

PMHNPs give psychiatric care in their speciality. 

RN First Assistant: $106,176 annual salary. 

RN first assistants help surgeons. 

The Nursing Administrator’s salary is $104,830 per year. 

Nurse administrators supervise nursing staff and healthcare institutions. 

The Family Nurse Practitioner’s salary is $102,107 per year. 

Function: FNPs provide whole family care. 

Top 10 High-Paying Nursing Careers in 2024-25

Remember that location, experience, and specialisation affect salaries. Discover the ideal nursing job match through comprehensive research!  

Latest US Nursing Jobs for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25
Latest US Nursing Jobs for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25 and Indeed can provide more information about nursing roles and job prospects. 

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US Nursing Jobs for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024-25

Visa Sponsorship Options:

Foreign nurses have several visa categories with different requirements and applications:

  • The H-1B visa is for temporary speciality occupation work. Employers must show a need for more competent US applicants and meet salary and working conditions requirements.
  • TN visa: NAFTA nurses from Canada and Mexico can use this visa.
  • Employer-sponsored EB-3 visas allow competent nurses to become permanent residents.

Visa categories have different eligibility and application requirements. Navigating the procedure requires research and immigration attorney guidance.

Visa Sponsorship Benefits:

Visa sponsorship for nursing jobs has many benefits:

  1. Legal permission to work in the US: Foreign nurses can practise and contribute to healthcare.
  2. Access to good healthcare and career advancement: US healthcare facilities and professional advancement prospects are well-known.
  3. Potential permanent residency routes: EB-3 visas lead to permanent residency and citizenship.

What is the average salary of foreign nurses in USA?

The average US international nurse’s hourly wage is $38.62. Allow us to examine the total compensation picture for foreign nurses in the US: 

Switzerland: Average Salary: $99,839.48 (USD)

Italian, French, or German proficiency and passing an exam are required. 

Luxembourg: Average Salary: $94,923.53 (USD) 

Considerations: Luxembourg’s small size and tax haven restrictions make nursing jobs challenging. 

In the UK, the average annual salary is $38,863.13 (USD). 

Note: UK salaries are lower than US salaries. 

In the United States (USA), the average RN salary is $80,010, with a median of $75,330. 

As of February 2024, international nurses earn $38.62 per hour.

The average salary of foreign nurses in USA

The US boasts the highest-paid nurses, but other nations offer unique cultural experiences and competitive incomes. When considering prospects as an international nurse, consider your interests, language skills, and ideal work environment.

Issues and Considerations:

While thrilling, US nursing careers can be challenging:

  1. Adjusting to a new culture and workplace takes patience and understanding.
  2. Each US state has its nursing licensing regulations. Understanding state laws and becoming licenced is crucial.
  3. Language proficiency: Communicating with patients, colleagues, and healthcare teams requires solid English abilities.

Job Openings and Employers:

Many hospitals, clinics, and healthcare institutes want qualified foreign nurses to fill nursing gaps. Explore possibilities with:

  • Public and private hospitals
  • Residential care institutions
  • Healthcare agencies at home
  • Clinics with varied specialties

Job boards and websites like and list visa-sponsored positions.

Success Stories:

Many international nurses have obtained visa sponsorship and created meaningful professions in the US.

Read testimonials and success stories for inspiration.

Support and Resources:

Many resources and organizations help international nurses find jobs and apply for visas:

For further information on nursing, see the American Nurses Association (ANA) and the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) websites.

Some healthcare organizations offer visa sponsorship help programmes.

Conclusion: Career Expert Point Of View

Visa sponsorship is essential for foreign nurses hoping to work in the US healthcare system. Foreign nurses can succeed in US healthcare with rigorous research, thoughtful preparation, and hard work.

Remember that realizing your American healthcare ambition requires ongoing learning, remaining informed, and using resources. 

US Nursing Jobs for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship FAQs 2024-25

International Nurses: Pursue Your American Healthcare Dream in 2024! Here Latest Foreign Nursing Jobs in the US in 2024-25 FAQs are given below

1. What visas do foreign nurses need to work in the US?

Visa alternatives include:

  • The H-1B visa requires employer sponsorship and verification of no suitable US candidates for speciality occupations.
  • NAFTA TN visa: For Canadian and Mexican nurses with specific qualifications.
  • The EB-3 visa is an employer-sponsored immigrant visa that leads to permanent residency.

2. What are the benefits of visa-sponsored nursing jobs?

  • Legal work authorization: Allows US nursing practice.
  • Quality healthcare: offers job growth in prestigious institutions.
  • EB-3 visas can lead to permanent residency and citizenship.

3. What problems do international nurses confront in the US?

  • Adapting to a new workplace and culture takes effort.
  • Every US state has its licencing criteria and processes.
  • Language proficiency: Communicating with patients and coworkers requires excellent English.

4. How can I discover visa-sponsored US nursing jobs?

  • Research: Search Indeed and ZipRecruiter for visa sponsorship job opportunities.
  • Many hospitals, clinics, and facilities seek international nurses; check their websites or HR departments.
  • Foreign nurses receive assistance from the ANA and NCSBN.

5. What are some US foreign nursing successes?

Reading about nurses who got visa sponsorships and created professions in the US can inspire and educate. Seek ANA resources.

6. Where may foreign nurses seeking US employment get further information and support?

Visit the American Nurses Association (ANA) at,

the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), and visa sponsorship programmes. Specific hospital facilities offer.

Remember, research, planning, and resource use are essential for navigating the process and accomplishing your US nursing career goals. 

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