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Urgent Fully Funded UNICEF Internship 2024-25: Apply Online

Imagine a world where all kids succeed. Where their voices are heard, rights are respected, and aspirations can fly. UNICEF continuously strives towards this world, and you can help.

UNICEF promotes children’s rights and well-being worldwide, from New York City’s busy streets to rural Africa’s distant villages. This mission is a vow to guarantee every child may reach their potential.

You can now assist this crucial cause with a fully sponsored UNICEF internship in 2024.

Why Intern with UNICEF?

Not only an internship, this is an expedition to:

Change the lives of children worldwide. Your work will influence healthcare programmes, safeguard vulnerable children, and advocate for their rights.

Try different things. Discover exciting topics, including child protection, education, health, emergency response, and more. UNICEF has a path for every passion.

Gain valuable skills. Develop leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills while obtaining professional experience.

Associate with top specialists. Connect with humanitarian specialists for future chances.

Grow personally. Explore different cultures, expand your perspectives, and find your ability to change.

Unleash Your Potential: UNICEF Fully Funded Internships

The UNICEF internship programme has many options for your talents and interests:

Summer Internships: These 10-12 week programmes give students a great introduction to UNICEF.

Urgent Fully Funded UNICEF Internship 2024-25: Apply Online
Urgent Fully Funded UNICEF Internship 2024-25: Apply Online

Professional internships: These longer-term internships for experienced people immerse you in UNICEF’s work.

Regional and Headquarters Internships: From Geneva to Bangkok, intern at UNICEF offices to experience its worldwide reach.

UNICEF Internships Important Date:

Fully Funded UNICEF Internships 2024-25 Important Date are given below

Organization Name
UNICEF(United Nations Children’s Fund)
Employment TypeFull-Time / Part-Time
Internship Eligibility BSc, MSc, BBA, MBA, PhD
Stipened coverageFully Funded
Duration 1 month to 6 months
Important Date Summer internships Last Date :
14th January 2024( French Speaker Programme Team Intern)
15th January, 2024 ( Summer Internship Programme)
Fully Funded UNICEF Internships 2024-25

Unicef internship Eligibility: Ready to Journey?

UNICEF internships are offered to passionate people who meet basic requirements, such as:

UNICEF internship applicants must be enrolled in a university programme, have an excellent academic record, love child rights, speak English, French, or Spanish, and be available to work 20 hours per week for 6 to 12 months. The programme provides humanitarian experience, a monthly stipend, plus travel and visa lump money.

Unicef internship eligibility
  • Age required (18+)
  • Educational level relevant
  • Fluency in English is often needed.

Easy application is the goal. Apply for the UNICEF internship on the website with your CV, cover letter, and other papers.

What kind of work will I be doing as an intern?

UNICEF Internship Programme offers global internships for students and recent graduates to get humanitarian experience.

The six- to twenty-six-week internships provide a monthly salary and a lump amount for travel and visa charges if funded.

Our internships promote child rights and development and give you hands-on experience with varied professions.

Urgent Fully Funded UNICEF Internship 2024-25 Apply Online
Urgent Fully Funded UNICEF Internship 2024-25: Apply Online

Apply on the UNICEF website’s openings page with your CV, cover letter, and other papers to be shortlisted for an interview.

Monthly Salary1000 to 1300 USD 
UNICEF internship

Making your internship memorable

Set aggressive goals, actively participate in initiatives, and network with colleagues to maximise your UNICEF internship.

Remember that you’re an important UNICEF team member with the capacity to make a difference, not merely an intern.

Fully Funded UNICEF Internship 2024-25 :

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Latest Fully Funded UNICEF Internship 2024-25

Change Stories That Inspire

Former UNICEF interns have made a lasting difference with their expertise and commitment.

One intern created a smartphone app to connect vulnerable children to crucial resources, while another promoted child trafficking awareness.

These are some ways you can make a huge difference.

Unleash Your Potential: Apply Now!

Take advantage of this opportunity. Visit to join committed people fighting to improve every child’s future.

Follow UNICEF on Facebook ( to learn about new possibilities and be inspired by young people making a difference.

Extra Resources:

  1. UNICEF internship website:
  2. UNICEF Follow UNICEF on Twitter.
  3. Instagram:

The future belongs to those who see their ambitions as beautiful. UNICEF can make your aspirations influence the world.

How can I prepare for a UNICEF internship interview?

Prepare for a UNICEF internship interview with these tips):

  1. Research the position requirements and write about similar professional challenges you’ve faced.
  2. Understand the job’s technical requirements.
  3. Create a variety of brief accomplishment stories. Include positive outcomes and lessons from each example and link specific skills to them.
  4. Use the competencies to discuss your successes and failures in each area.
  5. Your 1-minute “elevator pitch” should explain why you’re the best fit for the job.
  6. Clear time and space for evaluation. Relax and focus to get ‘in the zone’ mentally.
  7. Internet connectivity should be checked beforehand.

UNICEF uses different assessment methods depending on the hiring office’s context and business needs. ‘

A variety of assessment methods may be used depending on the position’s experience, knowledge, technical and behavioural competencies and attributes. Assessment methods UNICEF may use include:

  • Blended Interview: Technical, competency, motivational, situational/scenario, and strengths-based questions.
  • Technical Interview: Questions test candidates’ technical knowledge of the job.
  • Competency-Based Interview (CBI): CBI questions validate job-related behavioural competencies.
  • Presentations: Candidates must submit and present a topic-specific presentation to the selection panel.
  • Tests and Exercises: Several questions that candidates must answer in a limited time to demonstrate their technical skills, writing skills, analytical ability, strategic thinking, leadership, etc.
  • Assessment Centres: Tests and exercises that simulate workplace situations, problems, and tasks. Performers are assessed and rated using a standard.

Full-Funded UNICEF Internships 2024 FAQs

UNICEF Internship 2024-25 Frequently Asked Questions are given below

Q: What does UNICEF do?

UNICEF promotes children’s rights and well-being worldwide. From campaigning for education and healthcare to safeguarding children from violence and exploitation, UNICEF works hard to help every child thrive.

What internships does UNICEF offer?

UNICEF offers internships in many sectors, including…

  • Promote child protection programmes to prevent violence, abuse, and exploitation.
  • Education: Help provide quality education for all children, especially in crisis zones.
  • Health: Support global child health and nutrition efforts.
  • Help victims of natural disasters and humanitarian emergencies.
  • Communications and advocacy: Promote children’s rights and mobilise action.

Do internships get complete funding?

Yes, many UNICEF internships, especially for overseas students, are financed. During the internship, UNICEF will cover travel, lodging, and a living stipend.

Who can apply for a UNICEF internship?

Individual internship programmes have different eligibility requirements. Normal requirements:

  1. Must be 18+
  2. In a recognised undergraduate, graduate, or PhD programme
  3. Good at English (and other UN languages like French or Spanish)
  4. Care of children’s rights and humanitarian work

How can I get a UNICEF internship?

Applications for UNICEF internships are available at Apply online for an internship that matches your interests and talents.

Q: How are candidates chosen?

Online applications, assessments, and video interviews are standard selection processes. Steps vary by programme.

Q: Why is a UNICEF internship beneficial?

A UNICEF internship has various benefits, including:

Learn by doing: You’ll work on real-world projects that help kids.

You’ll improve your communication, teamwork, and project management skills.

You’ll network with humanitarian leaders.

Impact: You’ll help UNICEF protect children’s rights and well-being.

Enhancing your CV: A UNICEF internship will strengthen your résumé and set you apart.

Where can I learn about UNICEF internships?

Visit for UNICEF internship information. UNICEF’s social media accounts provide updates and opportunities:

  • UNICEF is on Twitter.
  • Facebook/Unicef
  • Instagram/unicef/?hl=en

Remember that a UNICEF internship is a great chance to change the world. Please apply if you care about children’s rights and want to make a difference!

Conclusion: Fully Funded UNICEF Internship 2024-25

UNICEF internships are more than résumé boosters—they establish social good careers. It’s an opportunity to leave a legacy of optimism, defend children’s rights, and show that even the tiniest act of compassion can improve the world.

So embrace young power. Realise your potential. Join UNICEF in improving the world one kid at a time.

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