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Fuel Your Career: Fully Funded Tesla internships Summer 2024-25 Open!

Tesla internships Summer 2024: Are you excited about sustainable and innovative technologies? An automotive and sustainable energy pioneer, Tesla is pleased to offer the Tesla Summer 2024 Internship Programme to ambitious and forward-thinking individuals. This program is a great chance for students and aspiring professionals to see Tesla’s innovative workplace. (Please join our Telegram Channel to stay connected with us.)

  • Tesla is speeding up technology to promote renewable energy. Participants in the Summer 2024 Internship Programme can learn about electric vehicles, energy solutions, AI, and autonomous technology while contributing to this cause.
  • Tesla internships allow you to work with industry leaders, participate in new projects, and transform transportation and energy.
  • Tesla offers challenges and opportunities to improve engineering, software development, business operations, and other skills.

Enjoy a summer of endless creation with us. Join Tesla to shape the future and promote global electrification and sustainability. Join the revolution? Apply to drive Tesla’s global transformation.

What are the eligibility criteria for Tesla internships? | Tesla internship requirements

The main Tesla internship requirements are:

Academic standing:

Current student: You must be a current bachelor’s or master’s student in good standing. Recent graduates should consider full-time work.

Grade Point Average:

There is no minimum GPA, although a good academic record is recommended.

Field of Study:

Tesla accepts students from several fields, focusing on:

  • Electrical, mechanical, computer, etc. engineering
  • Computer Science (data science, software engineering)
  • Math and physics
  • Business and Finance
  • Design/Product Management

Technical Skills:

Depending on the internship, Java, Python, C/C++, or GO proficiency is anticipated.

Experience with related software and technologies may be needed.

Other Criteria:

Passion for Tesla’s mission:

Genuine interest and comprehension of Tesla’s goals and principles are essential.

Fully Funded Tesla internships Summer 2024-25
Fully Funded Tesla internships Summer 2024-25

Leadership and communication:

Internship success requires strong teamwork and communication skills.

International students:

Tesla accepts international applications, although program locations may require US employment clearance.

The internship position’s eligibility requirements may differ from these broad principles. The official Tesla Internship Programme website and internship posts provide the most accurate and current information.

How much do Tesla interns get paid?

Tesla interns’ compensation depends on numerous factors:

Location: California internships pay more than others because Tesla has its headquarters and many manufacturing facilities.

Engineering and computer science pay more than others.

Pay may increase for interns with greater experience and suitable abilities.

Specific internship type: Research projects and leadership responsibilities may pay more.

Tesla intern salaries

However, this is a typical range:

Monthly salary:

The hourly rate and full-time schedule (40 hours per week) can yield $4,000 to $5,600.

Tesla intern salaries

Income: Some internships offer accommodation or transportation, which can boost income.

What is the duration of Tesla internships?

Tesla internships vary in length depending on the program and academic timetable. A breakdown of typical lengths:

Fully Funded Tesla internships Summer 2024-25
Fully Funded Tesla internships Summer 2024-25


June–August is the most prevalent season, lasting 10-12 weeks.

Spring/fall: Rare but available for 8-12 weeks in spring (March-May) or autumn (September-November).

Co-op programs:

Some institutions offer Tesla co-op programs for 3-6 months or a year.

These are basic recommendations; the program specifics and offer letter will indicate your internship’s duration.

Consider these other points:

Departments or internships may have varying durations.

  • You may be eligible to extend your internship within the duration.
  • International students may have visa restrictions that limit internship length.

Here are some resources about Tesla internship duration:

Posting individual internships: The description of each internship should state its duration.

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Fully Funded Scholarships Without IELTS or TOEFL 2024-25

Is it hard to get an internship at Tesla?

Due to high demand, tough qualifications, limited availability, and a rigorous selection procedure, Tesla internships are difficult to get.

Meet qualifying requirements, investigate and demonstrate your interest, tweak your application, prepare for interviews, and network with Tesla workers and interns to improve your chances.

You can stand out by practising technical and behavioural interview skills and networking with current employees.

Applying to Tesla shows initiative and passion, and improving your abilities and applying will boost your chances of success. and the Tesla Internship Programme provide further details.

Does Tesla provide housing for interns?

Tesla houses several interns at its Gigafactory in Nevada. Availability depends on program type, department/project, location, and demand.

Fully Funded Tesla internships Summer 2024-25
Fully Funded Tesla internships Summer 2024-25

Shared apartments, single-occupancy rooms, and on-site dorms are usually subtracted from the internship salary. Facilities may include furnishings, utilities, laundry, and entertainment.

Contact the program coordinator or recruiter, indicate housing needs in applications or interviews, and investigate solutions flexibly. Tesla provides relocation stipends for interns 50 miles or more from their workplace.

How competitive are Tesla internships?

Tesla internships get thousands of applications worldwide for a few spots. The reason is:

High Demand:

Tesla attracts top talent from numerous fields because of its sustainability and innovation leadership.

Interns work on real-world projects with cutting-edge technology, making it desirable.

Tesla internships provide hands-on experience, skills development, and networking opportunities, enhancing resumes.

Hard Rules:

Tesla’s academic standards include high GPAs and relevant coursework.

Technical talents:

Some internships require coding, software, or engineering expertise.

Passion and motivation:

Genuine interest in Tesla’s goals and ideals is essential for selection.

Availability limited:

Tesla has few internships despite its size and popularity.

Specific needs:

Department and project requirements limit applicant availability.

Thorough Selection:

Multiple steps:

Online applications, essays, interviews, and technical evaluations are common.

Through evaluation:

Tesla wants well-rounded candidates with excellent technical, communication, and leadership abilities.

Summer 2024 Tesla Internship FAQs

Who may apply for Tesla internships?

Students: You must be a current undergraduate or graduate student in good standing.

Tesla recruits engineering, computer science, business, design, and more students.

Passion for Tesla: Genuine interest in Tesla’s goals and ideals is essential.

Specific technical skills, GPA requirements, or work authorisation may be required for the internship.

Q: What internships are available?

Tesla offers internships in many departments:

Engineering: Battery design, autonomous driving AI, electrical systems, etc.

Computer Science: design Tesla vehicle software, analyse data and design platforms.

Help with financial planning, market research, and operations management.

Design and Product Management: Use design thinking and user research to shape Tesla vehicles and products.

Q: Where are internships?

Tesla internships are available at:

  • Fremont (HQ), Palo Alto, SF, Hawthorne
  • Reno (Gigafactory)
  • New York, Texas, and others

Q: How long are internships?

Many summer internships last 10-12 weeks, although other spring/fall alternatives last 8-12 weeks. Co-op programmes last 3-6 months or a year.

How much do Tesla interns make?

Location, department, and experience affect hourly rates. A $25-34 hourly wage might amount to a $4,000-$5,600 monthly pay.

Q: Does Tesla house interns?

Longer interns at Gigafactory Nevada generally live there. Demand, programme type, and department determine availability.

How competitive are Tesla internships?

Tesla internships are competitive due to their reputation, cutting-edge technology, and career advancement. Academic excellence, applicable skills, and passion are essential.

How can I improve my Tesla internship chances?

  1. Check internship eligibility and opportunities.
  2. Make a strong application showing relevant abilities and experiences.
  3. Show problem-solving and communication skills in technical and behavioural interviews.
  4. Show real enthusiasm for Tesla’s purpose and principles.
  5. Consult Tesla employees and interns for advice and referrals.

Where can I learn about Tesla internships?

Posting individual internships: Browse positions on the website for details.

Fully Funded Tesla internships Summer 2024-25: Career Expert Point Of View

Finally, the Fully Funded Tesla Internships for Summer 2024-25 offer unmatched learning and advancement. This rare opportunity opens doors to cutting-edge projects in Tesla’s revolutionary ecosystem and provides financial support, fostering talent and creativity.

Tesla interns get life-changing experiences while contributing to the company’s sustainable energy agenda. This fully sponsored internship is an opportunity to join a movement changing industries and pushing the limits.

Tesla internships are a great way to learn, network, and gain experience. Apply early, demonstrate passion, and prepare! Best Of Luck.

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